10 ruler races to be watched in 2022 ! ! !! ! ! ! !

Between the primaries of the most powerful party and the national elections in the presidential battlefield regions, the event is set for a year of competition.

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In 2018, Democrats focus on capturing Republicans in capturing American leaders.

They transformed seven provinces, including Michigan and Wisconsin, symbolizing changes in the Midwest region that helped Joe Biden at the White House two years later, after Donald Trump formed his winning coalition there in 2016.

As those states prepare to hold a presidential election again in 2022, the situation looks different for Democrats. Trump has stepped down, but is heavily involved in GOP politics. Biden saw his popularity decline during his first year as president. The Republicans last month took power in Virginia, the region with the highest blue density. And Democratic Alliance government leader Phil Murphy of New Jersey has survived a run-off election that was much closer than anyone expected.

Between the primaries of the most powerful party and the national elections in the constituencies of the presidential arena, the event is set for a year of competition, especially for existing Democrats.

Here are 10 races that deserve special attention:


Peach State unveils perhaps the largest headline in the Republics by 2022. Government Brian Kemp, who won four years ago as a loyal candidate for Trump, will need to surpass former US Senator David Perdue, Trump's main rival, if he wants to. second term. Voting by Atlanta's Fox partner soon after Perdue entered the race found Kemp leading the way. The limit dropped to dead heat when voters were told of Trump's approval.

Trump is outraged that Kemp has refused to rig the Georgian election results in his favor and thinks it would have been better if Democrat Stacey Abrams had beaten Kemp in 2018. Abrams, who lost slightly in the race, has announced he is running again, this time with a high national profile - successfully removing the main field of Democracy.


The Republican government Doug Ducey has a time limit, and the main GOP includes a crowd of candidates close to Trump and his supporters. Kari Lake, a former TV news anchor in Phoenix, received more information from Trump and led a pre-election vote, but that did not remove the platform. Other runners-up are former U.S. Attorney Matt Salmon, who prides himself on Sens Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham who are friends with Trump; Provincial Treasurer Kimberly Yee; businessman Steve Gaynor; and Karrin Taylor Robinson, a member of the Arizona Board of Regents.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who has come out as the mainstay against Trump's lies that the 2020 election has been stolen, is too popular to win the Democratic Alliance nomination.


Democratic Alliance government leader Tony Evers ousted then-Republican incumbent Scott Walker by a small margin in 2018. And with Wisconsin already established as a major battleground for the Trump era, chances are in another race as the Evers seek a second term in 2022.

Former Walker Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, a former TV news correspondent for Milwaukee, is already a top GOP candidate, but could soon have a contest from Kevin Nicholson, who lost the 2018 Senate. Trump has appealed to former US Attorney Sean Duffy to run in the by-elections, but former MTV "Real World" star has said there are no plans to enter the first round.


Democratic Alliance government leader Gretchen Whitmer has emerged as a national figure since her pledge to "fix bad roads" helped her win in 2018. He applied the strict public health regulations of Covid-19, which backfired the Republicans working to curb his authority. He was referring to a program that allegedly kidnapped anti-government protesters out of anger over the epidemic orders. Biden took him as vice president. But some of his decisions during the violence, such as a private flight to Florida shortly before warning the Michiganders about traveling outside the region in early 2021, have also been scrutinized.

Republics have a tight, unrelenting main competition. The first runner-up was James Craig, a recently retired Detroit police chief. Other GOP activists to watch include Tudor Dixon, a lawmaker who has strong ties to Trump's country; Garrett Soldano, a chiropractor who became a top activist against the limits of the Whitmer epidemic and demonstrated incredible fundraising skills; and Kevin Rinke, a former self-employed car dealer.


Gov. Steve Sisolak is one of the most likely candidates for the Democratic Alliance in a by-election. Former U.S. Senator Dean Heller, who lost the 2018 re-election application, wants to be elected to the GOP. His main competitor is Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.


Democrats may not have a better chance of taking power. Gov. Larry Hogan, a reputed republic of the blue sky, has a limited time - and his prime minister has succeeded in running for office. Hogan has approved his Cabinet member, Trade Secretary Kelly Schulz. Trump has authorized Daniel Cox, the state legislature.

On the Democratic Alliance side, Regional Director Peter Franchot and Tom Perez, a former national party chairman, led a large poll of prominent candidates. They include former state attorney general Doug Gansler; former U.S. Secretary of Education John King; former Chief of the District of Prince George Rushern Baker; and author Wes Moore.


Maryland is in the Democrats what Kansas is in the GOP. Democratic Alliance government president Laura Kelly is seen as one of the most vulnerable to voting in 2022. He defeated Republican Kris Kobach, the Trump acolyte, in the red. He is likely to face state attorney general Derek Schmidt in his re-application. Political report Cook rides the race as a tossup.