7-Year-Old Texas Child Educates Liberals On What Needs Done—Listens To His Heart

A young boy shows more patriotism through his act of fundraising than most members sitting in Congress.

source: WATE

On Saturday, a young 7-year-old boy set up a small hot chocolate stand at a strip mall in Austin, Texas.  His single drive was to help raise money for President Trump's vision of a border wall between the United States and Mexico.  However, the very innocent actions of a young child have become fodder on social media.

As is usual with most liberals, instead of seeing the greatness of what this young child was doing, and the hope his actions gave of a better tomorrow, left-leaning individuals decided to turn it into something else.  And as is the trademark motif for liberals, they made threats and called the small child names.

The whole idea began when a 7-year-old Benton viewed the President’s state of the union address on February 5th.  He asked his mom and dad about the wall that Trump spoke of, and following a discussion with his parents who explained the concept being the border wall, "begged" them to allow him to help with raising money towards the walls funding.  The Steven's, Janet and Shane, both state they are politically active as members of the Republican National Committee and agreed to Benton's request.

With the aid of his siblings and parents, young Benton proudly set up his stand at a local strip mall, selling hot chocolate.  He displayed his pride in his country with signs that represented the red, white, and blue of the American flag.  Within about an hour, the young patriot had raised $231, an amount that another individual agreed to match, giving him $461.

It was then that the story turns to one of prejudice and hatred, as a passerby took pictures of young Benton, with his stand, and proceeded to distribute them across multiple Facebook groups, resulting in haters from across the political spectrum to weigh in. 

The Stevens stated to KXAN: “…some liberals..they were griping at the owner of the strip mall and going in and yelling at him and slamming him on Facebook.”  The Stevens’ will say that from what they can ascertain, there are more people in support of Benton's stand than opposed.  It is just that those opposed just will not let it go and keep going and going.

Benton didn't let all the Facebook posts and name calling get him down, and he soldiered onward.  The family was out at the same strip mall, in the same location, the next day.  Benton set up his little hot chocolate stand and prepared himself for another day of fundraising for his cause.  However, on this day the harassing and name calling was more persistent and vile.

A man, passing by in his car, pointed at little Benton and called him Hitler, according to his parents.  The same man made that statement “we don’t like brown people.”  Even though the fundraising stand had its detractors, Benton raised a total a whopping total of $1400 to send to Washington, D.C. in his effort to build the border wall that, even as a child, he can see needs to be built. 

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Do you think liberals will take notice of something that a 7-year-old child can see needs done?