911 Dispatcher Helps Boy With His Homework -- Some Say She Is A Hero While Others Are Calling The Woman Unprofessional

Antonia Bundy, a dispatcher in Indiana, is being held as a hero for helping a little boy with his math homework on the phone. Did she do the right thing?

source: Journal & Courier

Antonia Bundy is living proof that not all heroes wear capes. Bundy, who is a  911 dispatcher, is being applauded by many for her decision to help a little boy who called asking for help with his homework.

The emergency worker, who is part of the Lafayette Police Department in Indiana, said last week a child called because he was having a tough time with his math homework -- he could not find the correct answer for 3x4 + 1x4.

In an interview, Bundy said the child revealed that he “had a really bad day” and added: ''When he told me he was having a bad day and I asked him what was troubling him he told me that he had homework. And at that point, I was able to determine that it was more of an 'I need help with homework' than an actual emergency."

Bundy, who did not reveal the name of the child, said upon discovering the "emergency" she decided to take the time out of her day to give the instructions he needed to solve the math problem.

 The Lafayette Police Department shared a message praising Bundy for her act of kindness and also posted an audio where she is heard calmly guiding the child through his fractions.

The 911 dispatcher went on to say: "It kind of takes the pressure off of it a little bit. Not too much, but just a little bit to be able to relax to take a step back and truly figure out what he needed and truly spend time with him and assist him in the best way I could."

At the end of the sweet conversation, the child apologized saying: “I’m sorry for calling you, but I really needed help.” 

Lafayette Police Sgt. Matt Gard shared his thoughts on the story: “We get a lot of unusual call requests, but this one kind of stood out.” 

Mr. Gard said they hope to find the child and visit his school to let him know they appreciated that he reached out to them.

Nonetheless, the Lafayette Police Department is reminding people that it is not advised to dial 911 for homework.