91st Academy Awards To Be Presented Without Emcee—Presenters And Movies Will Be The Stars

source: Los Angeles Daily News

It is official.

Karey Burke, the newly installed president of ABC Entertainment, made an announcement on Tuesday confirming the rumors and speculation that the 2019 Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, will be sans host for the first time in decades.  

The confirmation was announced during the executive session of the press tour for the Television Critics Association.  Burke informed the press that the producers of the Oscars made what she called a “wise” decision to broadcast the awards show with the usual emcee.

With the waiting for confirmation by many as to whether or not the Oscars would have a host has seemed to have worked for the show, rather than against them, allowing them to keep the public interest and remain relevant.  Burke stated that they expected to see a better than usual turn out of attendees as well as viewers due primarily to the list of movies vying for the top award—Best Picture Of The Year.

Crediting the fact that there were no additional problems after the Kevin Hart incident, Burke said the producers felt the best route to take was to allow the scheduled presenters emcee the event.  She also stated that the choice to forgo an emcee would benefit twofold—to keep the show under the three-hour time limit of broadcast and to return the attention to where it should be on both the presenters and the movies, being they are the real stars of the evening.

When asked if she could share any specifics of the upcoming broadcast, Burke has chosen to remain mum.  She did say that the producers were meeting later in the week, to come up with a finalized game plan for the evening.  One clue that she was willing to offer was that the opening number is promised to be "exciting."

The first mention of this year's awards show broadcasting without an emcee came to play when Kevin Hart, originally tapped to host the show, decided to bow out in December of last year.  The reason for the change of heart came about when several posts to social media from 2009-2011 resurfaced, that did not present the actor in a flattering light. 

 When asked to apologize, the star refused, emphasizing he had addressed the situation before.  When told to apologize, again, or step down from hosting, Hart chose to step down. 

So what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is the idea of broadcasting the Oscar’s without a host a good idea?