A 14-year-old girl died when a bullet hit her during a Los Angeles police shooting.

source: bbc.com

A 14-year-old girl died when a bullet hit her during a Los Angeles police shooting.

The young woman was buying clothes in a store with her mother when the incident that ended her life broke out.

A 14-year-old girl died Thursday when she was hit by a bullet in a Los Angeles clothing store when police were in a shootout against an assault suspect.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the minor, who has been identified as Valentina Orellana-Peralta, was in the changing room of a clothing store with her mother when a bullet struck her during the police shooting of an individual.

Police claimed the bullet went straight through a solid wall and that officers had no way of knowing that the minor was behind the fitting room.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore has called the girl's death "absolutely heartbreaking" and has promised a full investigation.

"No police officer in the United States would have wanted an accident like this to happen," he said.

Police collect video surveillance footage of the incident and say it will take some time to investigate the case.

Officers found the young woman died after seeing a hole in "a solid wall," Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Dominic Choi said.

The previously assaulted woman who triggered the shooting has not been identified.

Researchers are trying to determine whether the assault was random or targeted. Choi said they do not believe the minor was related to the attacked person.

Police found a heavy metal padlock near the suspect, Choi said.

For his part, California Attorney General Rob Bonta has assured that the state Department of Justice will also investigate the shooting according to the rules established by a law that took effect on July 1.

The suspect was killed by police, although he has not been identified.

According to a count by the Los Angeles Times, local police have fatally shot 17 people this year, up from seven in 2020 and 12 in 2019. Just last week, law enforcement agencies killed four people.

On Friday morning, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Burlington clothing store was still closed even though it was supposed to open at 7 a.m.

Multiple signs in Spanish and English that read "Closed until further notice !!!". They greeted prospective buyers while others left flowers and a flickering candle in memory of the teenager outside the store.

Edwin Arroyo, a supervisor at Nancy's Cleaning Services, told the Los Angeles Times that he discovered stained blood on a wall in the dressing room, as well as on a cream-colored dress left on a hanger.

"It was a horrible scene," Arroyo, a father of 12 and 18-year-old daughters, told the newspaper. "I don't know how many shots were fired, but there was a lot of blood everywhere," he added.