A commercial plane in the US had to make an emergency landing for a passenger who threatened to shoot it down.

source: .ajc.com

A man struggled with two flight attendants, and several people jumped on him to calm him down. He was arrested and hospitalized for signs of mental problems. The FBI opened an investigation.

A flight en route from Los Angeles to Atlanta in the United States was diverted for an emergency landing when a passenger attacked two flight attendants and threatened to shoot down the plane, authorities said.

The incident took place late on Friday, at a time when Americans are using the airways more than ever since the pandemic broke out, and incidents of "unruly passengers" have risen sharply, often due to disputes. On the use of masks.

In the most recent incident, a terrifying uproar broke out in front of Delta Flight 1730, according to the airline and the media.

While a man struggled with the flight attendants - and repeatedly said that he would "shoot down the plane" - the pilot called over the public address system for "all healthy men" to come.

Several, including an off-duty pilot, pounced on him and, after a violent struggle captured by video, managed to dominate the man, police said.

The plane, which was heading from the west coast to Atlanta in the country's southeast, was diverted to Oklahoma. According to the press, police in that city arrested the suspect, identified as a Delta employee in his 20s who was not on duty.

After complaining of chest pains and showing signs of what police said were mental problems, the man was hospitalized. So far, no other injuries have been reported.

In a statement, Delta thanked the passengers and crew who "helped stop a rebellious passenger."

Police searched the plane before allowing the flight to continue, and the FBI opened an investigation.

Meanwhile, data from the Federal Aviation Administration shows that incidents of "unruly passengers" on commercial flights have exploded this year amid high levels of stress and as the use of masks has taken on political overtones.

According to its website, the agency raised 394 charges in cases of "undisciplined passengers" as of May 25 of this year, a rate much higher than the 183 in all of 2020.