A Couple -- David And Michelle Paul --  Vacationing In Fiji Died From Unknown Virus -- Will The Families Gets Answer?

A young Texas couple in Fidji has died in Fidji from a mysterious virus. Their families are looking for answers, but no one really knows where to find them.  

source: Facebook

David and Michelle Paul from Texas were having a nice and relaxing vacation in Fiji when both fell ill and died in mysterious circumstances. It has been confirmed that the couple contracted a disease that left many puzzled. 

It is not yet clear precisely what happened to the two, but there has been lots of speculation around, with various people questioning the incident and the possible causes.

According to reports, the couple both started to report symptoms of uneasiness about a day before leaving Fiji. 

They were both aware that something was wrong but were not able to identify the exact cause. Worried, they rushed to a hospital, where they eventually died.

Michelle was reportedly first to die, followed shortly by David. Attempts were made to bring him out to Australia so he could receive additional treatment, but that could not be arranged in time. 

Many have been puzzled by the deaths, and it is not yet clear precisely what might have happened to cause such a sudden incident. As can be expected, there has been no shortage of speculation either. 

While it is clear that an unknown virus killed the two, many have been left wondering whether this is something they need to worry about themselves, and have been firing off various questions towards the authorities. 

So far though, there has been no official response to any of those inquiries. On the contrary, it appears that the case has been surrounded by a certain aura of mystery, although the exact reason remains to be determined. 

 Michelle’s sister-in-law, Tracey Calanog, spoke to local media and said this: “They knew something was going on in their body and were able to get to the hospital. Anything can happen. We are incredibly grateful for everyone that came together and helped locate Zooey. I’ve never seen a community like Fort Worth come together for strangers to help find a family member.”

The heads of the Sheraton Denarau Villas where the couple was staying said this in a statement: “After reporting feeling unwell, the guests were treated at the local medical facility, where they subsequently passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of the deceased. As always, the well-being of our guests and associates remains our highest priority. We are working closely with the authorities as they investigate the matter.”

More information will likely surface in the coming days/weeks. 

Do you think investigators can find a solid answer, yes or no?