A crocodile ate a drone in flight and almost drowned in the smoke from the device.

source: finance.yahoo.com

The video went viral in the United States. It opened an investigation by the authorities to investigate whether environmental protection laws were violated.

Crocodiles are curious creatures; just as they can stay a whole day without moving, they are capable of executing rapid movements that in a second can surprise you and, if you are in their range of action, give you a hard time.

Something like this happened to a TikTok user from Florida (United States) who was recording with his remote-controlled drone a crocodile in a lagoon. The friends they were with from afar recorded the funny scene with their cell phones while the drone got closer and closer to the reptile, looking for capture as close as possible.

At one point and without warning, the crocodile opened its jaws and swallowed the drone recording it, surprising the group watching it from a distance.

The Tiktoker, who christened the crocodile "George," told him not to eat his drone. At the same time, the animal chewed and chewed on the gadget.

The now-viral video has angered many viewers, with some saying they have reported the creator to local authorities. Although the TikToker says the incident took place in the Everglades, it claims it occurred in an area not controlled by the National Park Service, where there is an anti-drone policy.

The video was posted by TikToker @devhlanger and was initially split into two parts. The first part, published on August 22, shows George the crocodile catching the drone in the air and taking it into the water. The captions for the video read: "Trying to get close to this alligator in the Everglades ... wait until it bites into the drone battery."

In the background, the creator can be heard yelling, "OMG, he's eating it," as the reptile begins to gnaw at the drone. The video has accumulated more than 300,000 views.

The second part was published on Monday, with the description: "Part 2 of the crocodile eating my drone." In this video, smoke begins to come out of George's mouth as he tries to eat the device. The TikTok laughs when someone calls the crocodile an "idiot," and another unidentified voice says, "Oh shit, we have to get out of here."

The crocodile is still alive and struggling with the drone when the video ends.

That second part of the video became even more viral, reaching 3.3 million visits in a short time. Hence, the owner of the account decided to upload a third video combining the previous two.

" We were trying to approach the crocodile with an open mouth, and we thought that avoiding obstacles would make the drone fly (it was only the second time we used the spark), " he says in the caption of this installment.

The user also explains that " George is fine and still seemed hungry, "alluding to the concern expressed in many comments because while the crocodile swallows the device, there is a large amount of smoke that begins to enter the animal's mouth.

That YouTube video has been shared by big names, including Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet.

But much of the attention around the videos has been negative.

Many comments pointed out that the use of drones is illegal in Everglades National Park.

No, drones and other drones are not allowed in the park or anywhere else in the National Park Service, "Everglades National Park says on its website. This includes model aircraft, quadcopters, etc.

However, TuckTucker claimed in the comments section of Part 2 that the incident took place outside the national park.

This is outside of a national park ... this is on tour ... I'm cllming with the drone, but what happened was accidental ... direct your anger towards the crocodile farms (sic)," he said.

However, criticism persists as they point out that there was no need to fly the drone so close to the animal, which the incident could seriously damage.

According to local media, it is not known exactly where the video was recorded. Still, given its virality, the authorities are investigating.