A customer won a $ 5.5 million lawsuit against a bar for getting him too drunk.

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

The man alleged that the owner of the premises and the bartender had been negligent by serving excess liquor to him and another customer with whom he had an altercation in the parking lot and was injured.

A man in the city of Andrews (Texas, United States) received a millionaire compensation of 5.5 million dollars from the restaurant bar La Fogata Mexican Grill after winning a civil lawsuit that he filed for letting him drink excessively.

According to the diner, the bar was negligent by serving him too much alcohol, causing him great drunkenness that prompted him to have an altercation with another customer and injured him.

The plaintiff, Daniel Rawls, filed his claim for the incident that occurred on May 17, 2019, and the ruling arrived on July 27, with the surprise that the court granted the man's claims and awarded him the millionaire compensation.

Rawls received a total of $ 5.5 million for five claims, including facilities liability, negligence, and damages arising from foreseeable criminal conduct. 

Andrews County District Court 109 ruled in favor of Rawls by default, meaning the owner of La Fogata did not respond to the lawsuit and did not attend the hearing.

According to a copy of the lawsuit after drinking alcohol in La Fogata on May 21, 2019, Rawls had an argument with another customer, Robert Henriksen, in the restaurant's parking lot. Rawls alleges he suffered a head injury during an argument with Henriksen, who was drinking heavily.

The lawsuit alleges that La Fogata, its owner, Lord Galindo, and an unknown bartender were responsible for the injury because they allowed the two to drink too much and leave the restaurant together. The restaurant was also negligent in failing to call an ambulance after Rawls was injured.

According to the lawsuit, the bartender, identified as John and Jane Doe, was not properly trained by Galindo to determine when more was offered to customers. Rawls also accused Galindo of failing to ensure that parking did not include barriers that could be travel or hazard for intoxicated users.

Rawls suffered a "severe and debilitating" head injury after Henrickson pushed and fell on "uneven ground, " according to the lawsuit.

The Campfire has 30 days to file a notice of appeal by the Texas Rules of Appeal Procedure.

Rawls has a history of heavy drinking. Andrews's jail records show that he was arrested twice, in February 2019 and May of this year, on charges of public intoxication.