A Four-Year-Old Loses A Hand to a Dog Bite. The Internet Wants to Save the Dog's Life now - What Is The Right Decision?

source: Pixabay

A Care2 Petition went viral over the weekend to try saving the lives of the two quarantined dogs that were involved in the recent biting incident that left a 4-year-old toddler without a right hand.

According to the petition's initiator, Jessica Nusz, a close friend of the dogs' owners, the Huskies Polar and Bear have been involved in ''an unfortunate accident.''

On Sunday afternoon, the young Utah boy from Layton attempted to play with Polar and Bear, the neighbor's dogs. The boy, whose identity remains anonymous, put a sock over his arm and started and stuck it below the fence separating his backyard from the neighbor's premises where the pets live. 

In Layton City Police PIO Jason Cook's words, Bear bit his right hand, ripping it off entirely. Also, 2 to 3 inches of the little boy's forearm was missing, explained Cook.

The child's father, who was not outside when the incident took place, immediately called 911. When the authorities arrived, they witnessed the father doing his best to stop the bleeding and comfort the toddler.

After the initial examination on the spot, a medical helicopter flew the little kid to a hospital in Salt Lake City. Cook confirmed the boy showed a strong character and never even shed a tear in the aircraft.

While the boy was on his way to the hospital, numerous emergency responders remained in his backyard to search for the boy's hand in hopes of reattaching it. However, they did not manage to find it. Police believe the huskie could have ingested the limb, commented Cook.

The boy underwent emergency surgery immediately upon arrival in the hospital. Now he is in stable condition, and his loved ones are around his bedside.

The police chief stated the dog's attack was a real shock for the huskies' owner, according to whom it was the first biting incident for his dogs. The owner also added that Polar and Bear were docile pets that have never demonstrated any aggression before.

Even though only Bear was involved in the accident, the Davis County Animal Control took both dogs. The authorities are now discussing whether or not the huskies should be put to sleep.

In the meantime, the petition to save their lives gained popularity on the internet. As of Tuesday afternoon, it gathered over 26,900 signatures. The petition's description suggests that Bear thought the boy's hand was a toy and he bit it a way too hard, not realizing there was a child on the other side of the fence.

What do you think? Shall Polar and Bear be put to sleep?