A goalkeeper knocked out his partner with a punch for blaming him for the rival goal

source: www.goal.com

A goalkeeper knocked out his partner with a punch for blaming him for the rival goal, and the video went viral on the networks.

In the tie between the Glentoran and the Coleraine of the Premiership, it was the first division of Northern Ireland. It was a high voltage match because both teams fought in the top positions.

This Saturday, there was an unusual event in the Northern Ireland league known as the Premiership. In a high-voltage match, as both are fighting in the top spots, a hot draw (2-2) between Glentoran and Coleraine. And one example of this was the episode that occurred less than ten minutes from the end when the local goalkeeper hit a teammate with a punch.

The Glentoran were leading 2-1 despite having one man short. The Belfast team had made a great effort, and with the partial victory, they were fourth in the table with 15 points, five behind the leader Cliftonville. But in the 81st minute, Coleraine, in his half, was able to generate a counter that ended in a goal from Cathair Friel that sealed the equality.

Aaron McCarey, the Glentoran goalkeeper, blamed his teammate, Bobby Burns. They lost the ball in the central zone and gave rise to the play that meant the rival tie. After the conquest, the goalkeeper approached Burns to recriminate what happened: he began with insults. He then knocked him out with a well-aimed blow. His colleague fell to the ground. The goalkeeper dragged him by his shirt until the rest of the Glentoran players approached to separate the attacker from the left-back.

While the Coleraine footballers celebrated their goal, they reacted because they saw that the attraction was in the opposite area. Referee Andrew Davey approached the size of ​​the incident. He sent him off to McCarey, who was apologetic for his behavior when the match concluded.

"Aaron shook hands with (Burns) in the locker room and told him it should never have happened," explained Glentoran coach Mick McDermott.

If Glentoran had won, they would have finished fourth in the championship, 5 points behind the table leader Cliftonville, which has 20 points. Instead, that position ended up being occupied by the Coleraine. Twelve teams play in the Premiership.

This year, a similar episode was seen on the first date of the Turkish Super League, where Brazilian Marcao Teixeira attacked his teammate, local Kerem Akturkoglu. Due to his reaction, the South American was expelled. Despite this, his team, Galatasaray, was able to win in their debut 2-0 in their visit to Giresunspor.

It was 60 minutes into the game played at the Çotanak Stadyumu Stadium in Giresun when Akturkoglu spoke to Marcao and said something that did not sit well with the Brazilian defender who approached the Turkish forward. After rebuking him, he threw a head butt and was not satisfied with that; he threw a blow that the referee could only warn at the request of the VAR.

It remains to be seen if the disciplinary court of the Irish Football Association takes any further reprimand with McCarey after his reprehensible attitude towards his partner.