A group of US senators called on Biden to send a vaccine against COVID-19 to Latin America.

source: archyde.com

In a letter to the president, Tim Kaine, Marco Rubio, and Bob Menéndez asked that their administration develop a "comprehensive strategy" to face the health crisis in the region.

ON FRIDAY, influential US senators called on the Joe Biden government to develop a "comprehensive strategy" to address the COVID-19 crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly by shipping COVID-19 vaccines.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and his colleagues Tim Kaine, Democrat, and Marco Rubio, Republican, chairman and top member of the Western Hemisphere subcommittee, respectively, wrote a letter to the agent. Let me raise my concerns.

The United States must step up its efforts to ensure that the world's weakest people are vaccinated. In this framework, we ask for special attention to the Western Hemisphere," he wrote.

He said that so far in 2021, 77% of people going to the United States have come from Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of them did so to meet relatives.

"Given the frequency and number of people traveling between the region and the United States, we urge you to immediately plan to distribute the vaccine to countries in need," he said.

Lawmakers praised the Biden administration for agreeing to send the COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico and Canada. He encouraged similar consent in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas and other semi-autonomous regions.

In late April, the United States said it planned to export 60 million doses of the zebrafish vaccine to other countries without the need for entry. But it did not specify quantities, dates or countries.

Menendez, Kaine, and Rubio emphasized the strategic and national security benefits of making it easier for neighbors to access the vaccine.

He warned that without US commitment and leadership, our competitors would continue to take advantage of their less effective vaccines to force Latin American and Caribbean countries to support a hostile diplomatic agenda against us.

For example, he noted that in early 2021, China promised to supply Paraguay with a vaccine, in return for which the Paraguayan government would not refrain from recognizing Taiwan.

Thirty-five percent of the U.S. population is fully immunized. At least half the country has received at least one puncture, with the rest of the population - beer, museum tickets, money raffles - having difficulty getting vaccinated outside their borders. Use of privileges to conflict. , Where it is almost a concession.

According to the Latin American Press, travel agencies throughout Latin America already arrange tourist trips to the United States in order to travel to the United States. There is a clear flow of Mexicans to southern locations, such as Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana, who began vaccinating or registering patients without immigration status.

In Florida, which has attracted so many national visitors during epidemics because of this stupid practice, the vaccination tourism controversy has forced authorities to provide proof of residency, but because there are more immunizations There is a population and the abundance of vaccines is much more than a comfortable way to treat it

Latin America and the Caribbean account for about one-third of the world's total deaths in Covid 19.