A High-school student on his way to Harvard, is the gift of her $ 40k scholarship

Verda Tette to this will be, by the way, for a local college, to which his mother may be in her late 30's.

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A high-school student on his way to Harvard university, the University applied for a $ 40,000 scholarship, which he won, as opposed to being an a student to attend a community college.

Verda Tette in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, to high school knows how community colleges can change someone's life, because his mother was 39 years old, NBC Boston reports.

Tette, who plans to specialize in the field of chemistry and pre-medical way to Harvard university, fell to his school, the $ 40,000 grant by agreeing to the 4th of June, the school's General excellence award.

"I'm very grateful for that, but I also know that I'm the one that you möhtacam, this is it," he said in his speech. "And to know that my mother was at a local college, and how good it was, I would be very grateful to you for the administration of the ... be given to a scholarship, in total, some are going to a community college.

"It's a big honor, but I also know that there will be no need of this, for all of it," he said.

The one of the prestigious fellowships are intended for $ 10, 000 per year and can be extended to a four-year, according to the Boston Globe.

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His mother, who was seated in the audience, and his friends, all the time with him.

"I'm intrigued by her, in a way that makes him proud, and I think that it is very hard to do that," Tette, told NBC Boston, massachusetts, where he was to return to school in the after-life. "But he did know that he wanted to improve his life and the lives of their children."

Tette, who emigrated from Ghana with his family when he was just 8 years old, and plans to make use of small grants, and financial aid in order to pay for his studies at Harvard university. He wants to help the other students to get back on your feet, and to live out their college journey.

"Any one else who needs it more than I do, and it's not an excuse as to why it would have been the right thing to do," he told the Boston area.