A High school student who refuses to bear the honorary diploma by the Mexican national flag and coat

The district authorities have said that they want him to apologize for breaking the dress code.

source: https://ibb.co/5MZZ3z4

Video TikTok of North Carolina, graduation, graduation, class, went viral after he was rejected, in order to obtain a certificate in order to carry the mexican flag over its ball gown.

Adolfo Hurtado shot Ever in Her cousin at the ceremony, looking up at him to go down to the stage, in Ashboro, High School, wearing the Mexican flag is draped over his clothes, and as he appeared to be stopped by a teacher.

At first, jennifer Lopez has been seen to take the flag down, but he took over his audience, and encouraged him to do so, he said, Hurtado video. The ceremony was broadcast live on the Facebook account of the Asheboro City Schools.

"Unfortunately, he did not receive his degree, either. The teacher wanted him to apologize — it turns out that he is going there it is, " Hurtado said in the video, and select.

A North Carolina graduate, allegedly tried to get his degree, in order to carry the Mexican flag over its ball gown.Esheboro the City's school / via Facebook

Neither Her or the Hurtado responded to a request for comment on Friday.

Alethea Hill, 20, and his brother and a close friend to Her, and said that he and his family were booed when they saw the meeting with the teacher, like the Hill has been identified as the main Kopek bad guys. Soon, the crowd behind him began to get dressed.

Jennifer Lopez, are not permitted to receive his / her diploma after the ceremony, however, in his degree, " said Hill.

The family members of the student contacted the district superintendent, who is participating in the ceremony, but said that the decision was up to the operator. After all, his family had been talking to a Crookes in his office. Despite the fact that he was not in the room, " said Hill, the family members of the Kardashian violated the dress code, and asked for the forgiveness of sins in order to receive their diploma.

In Peru, the Socialist candidate Pedro Castillo, is a leader in the presidential race.

The members of the family then left the headmaster's office, in one of Hurtado's the register's office, and the police escorted them out of it.

The people who took part in the ceremony, and then a video of the allegations of the school management and the fight against racism. However, the school, the city of Ashboro, said in a statement that the incident was a "fake" on social media, and jennifer Lopez have violated the dress code does not allow the viewing of the sale.

They reported that the incident took place "on the Mexican flag."

"We know that there are a lot of comments from people involved in the incident, as well as those who aren't aware of all the facts," the district said.

Witnesses told local media that the students decorated their hats and outfits, but it has not been given a reprimand. Of the students, it is planned to hold a protest, this is a great school, and is on a Friday Change.org a post to challenging to give Her her diploma and had more than 20,000 signatures on a petition that has been collected.