A lawyer dropped his truck at his ex-husband's house, got locked up in jail, and lost his job.

source: world-today-news.com

This is the case that shook Florida: a lawyer dropped his truck at his ex-husband's house, got locked up in jail, and lost his job.

In the southern paradise of the United States, there is no talk of anything else, and now the country has joined the interest in the fact.

Francine Bogumil was 40 years old and had a wealthy life in Orlando's most expensive suburbs. This lawyer, mother of two children -one 11 years old and a small 5-today is in prison and has lost her career.

The debacle began on April 30 when around 3:30 AM, Bogumil left her children alone to go to her ex-husband's home, a half-mile away.

While there, she crashed her Land Rover truck into her ex-husband's truck, causing it to damage the parking garage gate. Unsatisfied, he got out of his car and smashed into the BMW car of his children's father's girlfriend: he smashed all the windows.

Her ex-husband left home and called the police. Bogumil slapped the man and verbally defied the police officer who arrived at the scene. On several moments, he verbally threatened his ex-husband and his girlfriend until police arrested him.

On May 3, she paid the bail that fell on her person and was released on the condition that she could not approach either her ex-husband or his girlfriend. However, on Sunday, May 9, he contacted the man. He left a series of threatening messages on social networks intended for the girlfriend. He told her that the next victims would be her parents if she were to approach her children again. The police arrested her again.

As it was a second offense, the judge decided not to give him the right to bail.

The process

In her first hearing before the prosecutor, Bogumil decided not to defend herself and was immediately found guilty of one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (a vehicle is considered a deadly weapon if it is used the way the lawyer did), one count of assault on a law enforcement officer, one count of domestic violence, two counts of violating a restraining order in a domestic violence case, and two misdemeanor counts.

As a penalty, he must serve 51 weeks in prison in Orange County, followed by two years of probation and one year of state control over his conduct.

Also, for Bogumil, the long-term outcome has to do with the end of his career. As his actions were deemed wrong, the judge decided to revoke his lawyer's license.

In the United States, in order to comply with the law, people must pass a series of exams that enable them to work in each state. Since 2006, Bogumil had been licensed to work in Florida as an attorney, and now she has lost it.

However, when it comes to her relationship with her children, the judge has been more benevolent towards this woman. She is not charged with any child neglect charges, not even for having left two minors alone in the middle of the night when she went to her ex-husband's home. The past as a reliable mother performed in her support. 

Once she is released from prison, nothing will stop her from meeting her children.