A male nurse who murdered patients during the night was sentenced to the death penalty.

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A male nurse who murdered patients during the night was sentenced to the death penalty.

William George Davis used to hide to enter rooms and inject his patients with air to cause death.

William George Davis, a nurse from Texas, USA, was sentenced to the death penalty after authorities found him responsible for injecting air into four patients during the night shift.

According to investigations, the man hid at night to enter the rooms and carry out the action without anyone noticing.

After the cases and deaths, the hospital staff decided to report the subject in 2018, and he was fired as a result.

In April of that year, Davis was arrested. He had to pay a bail of more than 8 million dollars to be free, according to the crazy medium, "The Morning Telegraph," however, the trial started, and he remained captured.

But at the hearings, the nurse did not accept the charges and gave up going to the stand to testify.

According to news network CBS, the lawyer for Davis, said his client was "in place and wrong time " and said four people died in the hospital, just as he said: "I do not know if there is any evidence to prove it was foul play. "

For his part, the prosecutor Putnam presented the evidence against him and asserted that Davis "has no reason to act like this; he does it because he likes it."

However, the trial featured testimony from other doctors and experts, who said the air injection caused brain injuries and death.

For his part, Dr. William Yarbrough, a Dallas-area pulmonologist and professor of internal medicine, added that it was a situation he had never seen in his career. The prosecutor pointed out: "The death penalty is deserved, and the law supports the death penalty."

In this context, the judge found him guilty, and the date of his execution has not yet been defined.

The male nurse who became a serial killer

The incident occurred in 2017 at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas, to the east, when William George Davis, 37, injected four patients recovering from heart surgery air causing their death.

The man was caught by some hospital security cameras when he entered the rooms; in total, it is estimated that there were seven victims. However, four of them died.

The nurse's victims were: John Lafferty, Ronald Clark, Christopher Greenway, and Joseph Kalina.

"A hospital is a perfect place for a serial killer to hide," Putnam said.

Defense attorney Phillip Hayes described Davis as an innocent victim of the circumstances.

Hayes also claimed that strokes were not uncommon in intensive care units, where all four patients were receiving care.

Davis was detained in 2018, but his trial was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The man admitted to another murder moments before lethal injection.

David Neal Cox was executed last month for killing his ex-wife. Still, just before receiving the lethal injection, the defendant decided to confess that he had committed another murder.

The 50-year-old told his lawyers that he also killed his sister-in-law, Felicia Cox, in 2007, so he left detailed instructions on where the body could be located by police, revealed John Weddle, district attorney for northern Mississippi counties.

John Weddle, district attorney, Neal said Cox had been suspected for a long time, the disappearance of Felicia Cox.

That is how David Cox was given the lethal injection on November 17; after confessing the crime to his lawyers, it should be noted that he is the first prisoner executed in Mississippi in nine years.

Amber Miskelly, Felicia's daughter, was 18 when her mother disappeared in July 2007. She was present at the press conference, and now that she had the information on where she could locate the body, she just remained silent with her husband.

For his part, Weddle did not disclose the location provided to the investigators. However, he announced that they were preparing to start the recovery.

The authorities are already working on the search for Felicia's body. However, they did not give further details of where it could be.

When his sentence was passed, the court found Cox guilty of murder and other charges in 2012, in addition to the death sentence.