A man jumped out of a moving plane at Los Angeles airport.

source: www.usnews.com

The subject tried to enter the cockpit unsuccessfully and then opened the emergency door as the aircraft was taxiing before takeoff.

A passenger was taken to a hospital Friday night after jumping out of a moving plane at Los Angeles International Airport, authorities said.

United Express Flight 5365, operated by SkyWest, pulled away from the gate shortly after 7 pm when a man tried unsuccessfully to enter the cockpit. Unable to enter, he changed his objective towards the emergency exit. The subject opened the service door and jumped down the slide onto the runway, according to reports from the airport, the FBI, and SkyWest. The pilots managed to stop the plane mid-taxi.

The air traffic control audio recording with the pilots reflected how the incident unfolded in the cockpit: "Charlie 4 Charlie, could you call law enforcement because we are going back to the gate? It is possible that a passenger with a threat level jumped out of the plane," the commander told the tower.

The man was arrested in the filming area and received medical attention for injuries that did not endanger his life. He was then taken to a hospital, according to authorities.

The plane, which was en route to Salt Lake City, Utah, with two engines, returned to the gate, according to the airport. No one else on board was injured.

The ship finally left for Salt Lake City on Friday night and arrived early Saturday morning, the FlightAware website said. The FBI is investigating what happened, spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said Saturday.

It was the second incident recorded at LAX in two days. On Thursday, a driver broke through a chain-link fence at a FedEx freight center and entered the air terminal, crossing the runways as police pursued the car. Authorities say the driver was arrested and no injuries were reported. Two of the tracks were briefly closed.

And weeks ago, on June 4, a  Delta airline flight was forced to deviate from its route and land at another destination after a passenger starred in an incident when trying to approach the cabin of the plane. The company said that on Flight 386, from Los Angeles to Nashville, the crew and passengers "helped stop an unruly passenger while the flight was diverted. "

Video of the incident shows aides and travelers struggling with the passenger to tie his hands and feet with a yellow cord and then take him to the rear of the plane, where he is placed face down on a seat. A witness revealed that the man who tried to enter the cabin was screaming non-stop, "Stop the plane."

In May, the United States Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) said that it has received  1,300 complaints from airlines about problem passengers this year and has announced proposals for civil penalties - some exceeding  $ 30,000 - against more than a dozen passengers in The last weeks.

Under its zero-tolerance policy announced in January, the FAA no longer issues warnings or advice to inactive passengers, but instead acts directly. In addition, the agency has been given the power to impose civil fines. Still, it leaves it up to law enforcement to decide whether to bring criminal charges against passengers.