A man was arrested at an Atlanta store with six firearms, body armor, police said

No one was injured, and the man's motives were unknown. But the incident in Publix comes two days after a mass shooting.

source: https://ibb.co/gzw31Bk

A 22-year-old man said police entered a Atlanta restaurant with a firearm and was later found in possession of six firearms and body armor and was arrested Wednesday.

No one was injured, and the motive for the man was not immediately clear.

Rico Marley was booked at Fulton County Jail on 11 counts, including five counts of attempted criminal offense and six counts of possession of a firearm or a knife during a felony or attempt to commit a specific crime, records show.

The incident happened around 1.30pm. in the Publix store. The man entered the bathroom of a shop and police were waiting for him when he left, police said.

"At the time of his arrest the suspect was in possession of six firearms," ​​the Atlanta Police Department said Thursday in a statement. It was unclear where the other guns were found or whether he was wearing these body armor.

A witness told local WSB-TV ABC that he saw the man carrying what he described as an AR-15 assault rifle in the bathroom and "the weapon was leaning against the toilet stop, and there was no charge."

Marley was expected to appear in court for the first time on Thursday at 11.30am. It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

The phone number of someone with that name in Georgia was not immediately available on Thursday.

His arrest comes two days after a gunshot wound killed ten people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. The suspect is in custody and has been charged.

Last week, a gunman killed eight people in a shooting aimed at a massage parlor and two spas in Atlanta and Atlanta. The alleged killer was also remanded in custody pending charge.

It comes just days after 10 people were shot and killed inside a Colorado grocery store.

What could have happened, though, is fresh on the mind of the man who may have prevented a massacre.

“It possibly could have stopped something,” said Charles Russell, who saw the armed man inside of a Publix bathroom and alerted employees and police.

“I saw an AR-15. And I was like, you know, this kind of startled me just again with events that recently happened in the grocery store up in Colorado,” Russell said.

Channel 2′s Matt Johnson obtained information of the six guns and ammo found on the suspect, who also wore body armor when police arrived.