A man who murdered a homeless person was arrested in Miami.

source: www.fox13news.com

A man who murdered a homeless person was arrested in Miami.

The authorities announced the capture of Willy Suárez Maceo, accused of murdering a homeless person and trying to kill another.

Appearances are often deceiving. And that was made clear by the Miami city police chief, Manuel Morales, who confirmed that his officers are trained to analyze actions and not get carried away by appearances.

According to social networks, Willy Suárez Maceo is a successful real estate agent, a native of Cuba, who lives in Miami. He shows himself to be passionate about luxury cars and cryptocurrencies. But, according to the Miami police, he is a serial murderer who attacked the most vulnerable in the city of the sun: the homeless.

On Tuesday night, Miami police received an alert that a homeless man was severely injured downtown. Police immediately rushed to the scene, took the man to a hospital where they managed to save his life and found out that someone had actually shot him.

Two hours later, other officers arrived in the Wynwood area to investigate the murder of another homeless man. In this case, the victim, identified as Antonio Price, died after being shot several times while sleeping on the sidewalk. Investigators immediately found similarities between the two incidents. He confirmed the same attacker when ballistic expertise indicated that the bullets that hit one homeless person and killed another came from the same weapon.

Analyzing the images from the city's cameras, they identified that the shots had been fired from a black Dodge Charger car. In less than 48 hours, detectives found the owner of the vehicle and arrested him near his home in the Kendall neighborhood. At the arrest, the suspect was carrying a firearm, the same one from which the shots had been fired.

The interim Miami police chief held a press conference with Mayor Francis Suarez after the arrest.

While Suarez Maceo has been detained pending his first hearing, police have an idea they want to confirm, and they are asking the public for help.

On October 16, a homeless man, Manuel Perez, 59, was assassinated at the intersection of Calle 1 and Avenida 1 in the southeast of the city. Until now, the only thing police had was a picture of a black Dodge Charger car in the area at the time of the murder and a photo from a distance of the suspect. The image is of a person very similar to Suarez Maceo. Still, since there is no more evidence, the police need extra information to confirm the same attacker.

"All crimes are unacceptable. But when they attack the most vulnerable in our community, then it is even more incomprehensible", said during the press conference Mayor Francis Suarez, who took the opportunity to congratulate the police department for the effectiveness in this case and emphasize that despite these homicides, homeless, in the city of Miami murders fell by 20% in 2021. A record in a year in which violent crimes soared in most of the large cities of the United States.

"Our mission is to protect all Miami residents. And that is what we are doing," Chief Morales repeated on more than one occasion during the announcement.