A massive fire broke out in a building near the Paris Opera.

source: www.cleanbowled.in

At the scene, 100 firefighters were working to put out the flames and prevent them from spreading. The causes of the incident are unknown.

A large fire broke out this Saturday morning in Paris in a building near the Opera Garnier.

The building, located at 17 Boulevard des Capucines, caught fire, and long plumes of smoke could be seen from afar.

The fire started at 10:30 am (local time) in an office on the third floor of the building, seven feet.

Five hoses were deployed and two drones and articulated elevators, allowing the fire to be observed from the air.

The building is located between the 2nd and the 9th arrondissement of Paris, just 300 meters from the iconic Parisian Opera Garnier.

So far, no casualties or injuries from the fire have been reported.

At the scene, 100 firefighters were working to put out the flames and prevent them from spreading. The causes of the incident are unknown.

No evacuation took place, and residents left the building on their own, French media reported.

The investigation will have to determine the causes and circumstances of the fire, but "no element" allows a decision to be made on the matter at the moment, authorities said.

A security cordon has been deployed, and French firefighters and police called on citizens to avoid the area.

"Intervention in progress on the boulevard des Capucines, Paris IX. Avoid the area and do not unnecessarily obstruct emergency lines. Residents, be careful", published the official account of the Paris firefighters on Twitter.

A spokesman for the fire brigade said at noon in Paris that the fire is not yet fully controlled. Still, they are working primarily to prevent it from spreading.

The Place de L'Opera has been closed along with the nearby metro station.

The Opera Garnier is one of the most characteristic buildings of the Parisian landscape. Napoleon III ordered its construction to the architect Charles Garnier and was inaugurated in 1875. It is one of the oldest musical institutions in Europe.

Behind the great Paris Opera, on Haussmann Street, are the 1912 Galeries Lafayette, a luxury goods store with an imposing dome in the center.