A meme "Doge" is going to the end of the auction, an NFT

The proceeds will go to good causes, a representative for the auction house said.

source: https://ibb.co/5MB73st

The course of, or excited, seeing the meme, shiba inu, are going to be sold as non-working, or NFT, in an auction that will begin on Tuesday.

During the last ten years that have passed since the pictures of the Shiba inu Kabosu (Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato, so the word "died" were used for the photos, silliest, deepest thoughts, a poster, or a dog.

A photo of Kabosu cover usually many inarticulate words, usually, Comic Sans, to express things like ' wow ' and 'that'."

Doge has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency, named after the meme. Even though the Dogecoin has been in existence for several years, its popularity has shot through the roof after the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, pass it on social media.

In particular, in March, the NFT's website is going to hold an auction, curated and certified according to Know Your Meme, an online meme in the database.

"This is the first time Know Your Meme of authenticity confirming the NFT meme, we were able to make sure that Atsuko yourself, it will be auctioned off to the pictures of Kabosu," said the Don, the event was hosted, and the database editor.

He told me that it was very important for you to Know Your Meme, certified to the auction, as some people try NFT, that is they don't know.

"We've already spoken of Atsuko before, and she was very excited to take part in the auction in person. Doge is, without a doubt, the most well-loved and religious meme maker in the history of the Internet, and Atsuko by yourself is such a wonderful person, " Caldwell said.

What is the NFS server, and why are they so popular?

An NFT is a kind of certificate of authenticity. NFT is a place of a unique character. Symbols used in the context of a blockchain, is a group of computers that acts as a digital ledger that is not a computer can make. The same set of powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but at the same time, each bitcoin is basically the same, the NFTPS are not practical, nor is it unique.

But the NFT of the Doge, is not going to work, that is a violation, then, to Decrypt it, a web site that covers the cryptocurrency. NFT is a digital autograph, meme creator free report for the decryption, authentication, that is as a signed baseball card.

One of the earliest viral videos on "YouTube" that are NFT, for $999,760

The latest in the stream of memes is advertised by both the NFT experts, the assumption that the market is in a state of "the golden qızdırması memes"."

The other meme creators have used their holy pictures in the meme, the gold rush is a "Disaster Girl", his real name's Richard Roth; "bad Luck Brian", and his real name is Kyle Craven; "Overly-attached Girlfriend," his real name is Layna Morris; and the "Success Kid", a picture of Layne Griner, stylish, and of his son, Sam.