A new record of Florida COVID-19 infection increases hospital admissions: most are young and have not been vaccinated.

source: www.politico.com

The latest data from the southern state confirm that the outbreak affects them mainly: 96% of those who struggle to recover in health centers have not been immunized.

Over the weekend, the state of Florida broke records concerning COVID 19. There were 21,683 positive cases in a single day - the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic - and 10,000 hospitalizations were exceeded. Two weeks ago, no more than 8,000 people were hospitalized with the coronavirus. On July 23, 2020, when the previous record was registered more than a year before the vaccination campaign began, 10,170 hospitals were admitted in the state.

According to medical experts, the new forms - mainly delta - are more contagious and stronger. People vaccinated against the virus can and are getting it, but they have practically no chance of getting seriously ill with the virus. The numbers support this idea.

Memorial Healthcare System has six hospitals in South Florida. Currently, a quarter of those admitted to these hospitals has code 19. Unfortunately, 96% of the people admitted to the hospital for coed are not vaccinated in this health system. Of those who ended up in intensive care, only one person was vaccinated against Covid 19 but had a pre-existing disease.

In pediatric hospitals, the number of patients with Covid 19 remains low, although there is a correlation with vaccines. Nicklaus Children's Hospital has 60 inpatients with COVID 19. None of these children is older than 12 years and has been vaccinated. Currently, in the United States, it is allowed to vaccinate those over 12 years of age with the vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech. In addition, according to data from this hospital, most infected children have the Delta variant. Only one percent of minors who tested positive for COVID 19 have required hospitalization. It was also observed that obesity is usually the factor that most complicates minors infected with COVID.

According to reports from health centers such as Memorial Hospital Miramar, most COVID patients are usually between 30 and 50, which was not considered at risk at the beginning of the pandemic. Again, the factor seems to be vaccination. In Florida, less than half the population has been vaccinated, even though the vaccine has been available to adults without restrictions for the last four months. But those over 65 are the group that has been vaccinated the most. As a consequence, now they are not the ones who are getting the illest with the virus.

About 25 million people reside in the state. 10.5 million people are fully vaccinated, making up 49 percent of the population. In addition, 22.6 million people have received at least one dose.

The biggest problem currently facing is that those who have not been vaccinated do not want to. A recent poll by the CBS news network indicates that among those who have not been vaccinated, more than 70 percent say they will not because they disbelieve the government's medical recommendations.