A Republican senator supported Matthew McConaughey's candidacy for governor of Texas.

source: forbes.com

Cuban-American legislator Ted Cruz assured that the Oscar winner would be a formidable governor. However, he would prefer that he not run for the governorship of the great southern state at this time.

Republican Ted Cruz, a former presidential candidate and federal senator from Texas, got into trouble by speaking the wonders of Matthew McConaughey.

And it is that the Hollywood actor, a native of Texas and current resident of the city of Austin, has flirted for months with the possibility of running as a candidate for governor of Texas. McConaughey has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the current administration of Governor Greg Abbott and has confirmed that he has been holding meetings with the main political leaders of the state for some time.

When asked on the conservative Hugh Hewitt's radio program about the possibility of McConaughey running for governor, Cruz did not hesitate to say that he seems to be a "formidable candidate."

"He is a lovely person, very kind. He is a movie star. And let's face it, a movie star, charismatic, with good looks, kind, can become an exceptional candidate on a political ballot, "said Cruz when describing McConaughey, whom he said he knew in person.

But in what appeared to be immediate support for McConaughey's possible candidacy, Cruz put the brakes on and clarified a caveat. "I hope that doesn't happen, that it doesn't happen now. Ultimately only he knows what he wants to do. He is going to be the one who decides to launch or not. But hopefully, it doesn't happen now", added Cruz.

And it is that the election to the governor of Texas will be disputed in November 2022. The current governor, Abbott, can seek reelection and has already announced that he will do so. Cruz has described himself as a huge admirer of Abbott, a personal friend, and mentor.

Therefore, although he believes in McConaughey as a political candidate and supports him, Cruz clarified that his loyalty will always be with Abbott. Hence, he hopes that McConaughey will leave his political aspirations later, clarifying that he is young and "has time.".

The Hollywood actor has spoken publicly about his possible desire to enter politics. Still, he has always been very vague about whether he would do so from the Democratic, Republican, or independent parties. The rumor in the film industry, which supports more left-wing candidates, has always been that McConaughey is a Republican. Still, the Dallas Buyers Club star never confirmed it.

Texas has not had a Democrat in governorship since 1998, and a huge mass of conservative voters characterizes the state. However, in 2018, Democrat Beto O'Rourke put Cruz in trouble, seeking reelection as a senator. Ultimately the Republican won but by less than two points. Some believe that this precedent leaves the door open for a Democratic candidate in the state.

Although there would also be the possibility that Abbott might have an opponent within his party, the governor encountered a lot of resistance from his base during the first months of the pandemic. Many believed Abbott went overboard with the restrictions due to COVID-19, generating a break in the party. McConaughey was one of the leading voices against Abbott's management.

Finally, analysts believe that if anyone could consider a campaign independent, that person would be a star like McConaughey. Generally, without the platform of the parties, independent candidates do not prosper in the United States. However, someone like McConaughey with proper name recognition and money - as well as connections - to invest in a campaign might even try.

The election is over a year away, and McConaughey, for now, is the only one who knows what he will do with his career.