A sixth-grader shot in a school and injured three people in the U.S.

source: usatoday.com

According to local law enforcement, a sixth-grader took a handgun from her bag and opened fire in an Idaho middle school hallway on Thursday, stopping the commotion when a teacher intervened. According to local law enforcement agencies.

Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said three people - an adult and two students - were injured at rugby middle school when the girl shot two people and another before she left school. The victims were killed in the limbs and are supposed to remain.

Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said the girl took a pistol from her bag to detonate several explosives inside and outside the school.

On Thursday girl started the fire at a school in the northwestern state of Idaho, hurting three people before being occupied by a teacher, police said.

An unnamed student at Rugby High School near Idaho Falls is in sixth grade, so he will be 11 or 12 years old.

Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said the girl pulled a pistol from her bag and fired several rounds inside and outside the school.

The injuries sustained by two students and a school staff member were not fatal, the sheriff said.

Anderson added at a news conference that during the shooting, a teacher disarmed the student and stopped him until police took him into custody.

The student has been taken into custody while the FBI and local authorities are investigating the incident.

The injured students have been shifted to the hospital, where they spent the night, while the adult has already been discharged. The rest of the students were expelled from the school after the incident.

Authorities have not yet said why the student opened fire. However, County Prosecutor Mark Taylor has indicated that once the investigation is complete, he will press for appropriate charges, including possibly three counts of murder.

The school district has decided to close all schools this Friday due to the shooting.

In recent weeks, U.S. states have been hit by mass shootings: one at the FedX facility in Indiana Police, another at an office building in California, and another at several spaces in Atlanta On.

Last month, President Joe Biden called gun violence in the United States an epidemic and an "international scandal."

According to the Gun Violence Archive, Last year, there were more than 43,000 gun-related deaths in the country, including suicides.