A Tesla had an accident, two people were killed, and Elon Musk saw a fortune lost in a matter of minutes.

source: bbc.com

Shares in the auto tech company fell sharply after the tragic news broke—the company's message that activated the police.

Elon Musk couldn't help it. Although he claimed that the " automatic pilot " of the crashed Tesla in which two people died in Houston was not activated, the actions of his flagship company were precipitated. " The data records recovered so far show that the autopilot was not enabled, " said the CEO of the company in a message on Twitter responding to a note in The Wall Street Journal.

When he sent the tweet, the Houston police were also activated. Harris County Sheriff Mark Herman said the evidence, including witness statements, clearly indicated that no one was in the driver's seat of the Model S when it crashed into a tree Saturday night, killing two people.

Herman said Musk's post-Monday afternoon that the data logs retrieved by the company thus far ruled out the use of the " autopilot " feature was the first communication authorities had heard from the company. company. " If you are tweeting that if you have already taken the data, we said no, " said Herman to Reuters. " We will wait impatiently for that data.

But while this was happening, Tesla's stock and Musk's personal fortune collapsed. The value of the corporation's securities fell 3.8% as of 3:45 pm EST Monday, slashing $ 5.6 billion from Musk's fortune.

According to Forbes, it is now worth $174.1 billion.

The crash is the 28th Tesla accident to be investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), regulating vehicle safety. In the accident on Saturday, the Model S in 2019 was driving at high speed near Houston when it crashed into a tree on a curve and burst into flames, Herman said.

Authorities found the bodies of two men in the vehicle, one in the front passenger seat and the car owner in the back seat. Herman said, We have statements from witnesses who said they went out to test the car without a driver and to tell a friend how he could drive himself.

Tesla asks its drivers to be aware of driving to take control of the vehicle and invites them to activate the intelligent assistance system since it is safer than going without it. The accident occurs when the company is beginning to test a system of "total autonomous driving" with some of its drivers. However, it also asks that the driver keep his hands on the wheel at all times.

Some experts have criticized the company for using terms like "automatic pilot" and giving a false sense of autonomy on the part of the vehicle.