A viral photo of Carlos Tevez in the United States that has sparked rumors about his future.

source: archyde.com

After leaving Boca Juniors, the Apache is on vacation with his family. Are you playing soccer again?

Friendship and football may once again cross the paths of Carlos Tevez and Ramón Wanchope Ábila. The Apache moved away from Boca but assured them that he did not hang up his boots permanently. The Cordovan plays for Minnesota United of the Major League Soccer in the United States, where Carlitos went on vacation with his family. They met in Miami, and the photo was given that moved several Carlitos fans. Are you back in the ring?

Wanchope uploaded the image on his Instagram account where the first word he put was "Loyalty ." And he added: "Friendship summed up in one word. How happy to see you again, Lito".

Apache replied: Friend, how lovely to see you again, friend! To say goodbye, how do you remember him after you hug him at the airport. loyalty

That word was chosen by the two, and the question is if it was a dart for someone.

Both players met in 2012 at a Mona Jiménez show. Still, they forged the bond, even more when Ábila arrived at the Ribera club in 2018 and formed the front duo that caused so much joy to the Boca world. Both were champions of the Superliga 2017/2018 and 2019/2020.

After not having a place in the group directed by Miguel Ángel Russo, in April of this year, Ábila emigrated to North America, which sounds like a possible continuity for Tevez himself. According to ESPN, Florida is one of the candidates, but it would not be the only one.

The Inter Miami , owned by former footballer David Beckham is among them, the brothers Federico and Gonzalo Higuaín , two of the five Argentines in their squad. Nicolás Figal, Leandro González Pírez and Julián Carranza join .

Atlanta United also be following the situation since former teammate for Argentina, Gabriel Heinze, is the current coach. The compatriots Alan Franco, Santiago Sosa, Marcelino Moreno and Franco Ibarra play there .

Finally, Minnesota United would be another candidate; However, it would be the one with the least economic resources to incorporate it; the card is that Wanchope himself plays there, Which can seduce Carlos because he will have a chance to play with his friend. In that team, who also plays in that team is another close to him, such as Emanuel Bebelo Reynoso from Cordoba, also a former Boca.

When Ábila left the Blue and Gold Club, in her farewell message she posted on her social networks, she said: I was lucky in this beautiful profession that I fulfilled my biggest dream, Which was to play in that shirt, and above all my biggest idol with it: Carlos Tevez.

It is worth noting that all MLS clubs can create a "franchise player" to keep Tevez away from pay cap restrictions.

In addition, American football offers competitive football but is removed from the pressures on this side of the continent.

Today I tell you, yes and capable in three months I wake up, and I want to play. Still, I know that in Boca not because mentally I am not," said Tevez on June 4 during a press conference that he gave together with the president Jorge Amor Ameal xeneize and being seen live by Vice President Juan Román Riquelme, head of the Soccer Council, and Russo himself.

Meanwhile, the Apache recharges the batteries with his family, wife Vanesa, their two daughters, and their youngest son. 

He plays beach, water, and even golf, which is his second favorite sport.

Tevis, 37, left Boca last month. October 21 marked the 20th anniversary of his debut in the First Division when Carlos Bianchi allowed him to start the game against the Taylors in Cordoba.

Beyond his moment of relaxation, everything indicates that he has a thread on his spool. After his vacation, his future would also be in the United States.