A White House official reportedly said National Guard troops would protect Trump's supporters on January 6

Emails from former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows are among the files released in support of the House panel's recommendations for contempt.

source: https://ibb.co/nPjLXBT

A report on Sunday praising Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows for insulting Congress says National Guard troops will keep President Donald Trump's supporters safe on January 6.

In bullet points recording Meadows' urgent inquiries, a report by the House Committee on Investigation of Capitol Violence cites an email allegedly sent to Jan. 5 about the safety of Trump supporters who would take to the streets the next day.

Email recipient unknown.

“Mr. Meadows sent an email to someone about the events on January 6 saying the National Security Service would be there "to protect Trump's people" and that many would be found waiting, "he said.

The Meadows' attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The claim adds a different angle to the government's response to Jan's violence. 6. Despite widespread reports of unrest, the Capitol Police appeared frustrated with the attack, and the National Guard was slow to respond.

The report was released in support of the Meadows' contempt decision. A simple majority in the House could express contempt for Congress which will be referred to the Department of Justice.

A federal judge last month has charged Steve Bannon, Trump's former adviser, with two counts of insulting Congress - one for refusing to appear in court and the other for refusing to produce documents requested by the committee.

Bannon has denied both charges.

Meadows and Bannon say they are free from the law because they are covered by a higher right, a doctrine that seeks to protect certain communications with the president in order to allow White House leaders to lead freely and respond to problems. Bannon left the White House in 2017 but maintained a relationship with Trump.

"The Select Committee is convinced that no unimaginable security or right of administration may prevent all Select Committee requests or justify the refusal of Mr.

Meadows has twice failed to appear to be arraigned before committee investigators this fall, despite revealing documents that would form part of his testimony, the report said. Other documents, he said, may not have been placed in the wrong place.

"It appears that Mr. Meadows may not have complied with the legal requirements for keeping or keeping records under the Presidential Recording Act," the report said.

The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol is trying to determine whether the top political parties were the cause of the violence, with Trump supporters storming the Capitol as they seek to block congressional certificates for the 2020 presidential election. by Joe Biden.

The panel alleges that Meadows has knowledge of Trump Jan.'s activities. 6 and appeared to have lines of communication with the meeting organizers near the Capitol that day.

“Mr. Meadows has been in contact with at least some of the private individuals who are organizing and organizing the January 6 rally, one of whom may have raised concerns about safety. Meadows about the events of January 6, ”the report said.

Meadows received a text from a conference organizer in Ellipse, apparently as people approached the Capitol, seeking guidance after things "went crazy," according to a quoted social media report.

The report also states that the committee believes Meadows may know important information about Trump's request to the Georgian Secretary of State to "get" the exact number of votes that will cover his losses there.