A woman forced her son with symptoms of COVID-19 to travel in the trunk of the car to avoid getting infected.

source: oicanadian.com

A woman forced her son with symptoms of COVID-19 to travel in the trunk of the car to avoid getting infected.

A Texas mother faces charges for putting her 13-year-old son in danger after authorities found she took the child for a coronavirus test in the back trunk of her car.

The 41-year-old Sarah Beam's name resonates across America today. And it is that he has taken the care against COVID-19 to such an extreme that he put the physical integrity of his adolescent son at risk.

In the state of Texas, the Harris County prosecutor's office has confirmed that Beam today faces charges of child neglect after putting his son at risk by transporting him in the trunk of his car. The 13-year-old had been exposed to COVID-19, and his mother wanted to test him to confirm if he had the disease. But, as she did not want to be infected, she had no better idea than the boy traveling in the trunk.

When the woman arrived at a testing center in the Houston area on January 3, the health officials of the place found the minor in dangerous conditions. The health director of the center herself was going car by car collecting the information of those who wanted to take the test when she saw this situation. She immediately alerted the police and told them that Beam herself confirmed that it was her idea that the minor travel in the trunk since she suspected that she had COVID-19. She did not want to expose herself to the virus.

Beam opened the trunk and showed how his son was lying inside. At the time, he was informed that he would not be tested unless he got out of the trunk and sat in the car's back seat. They did so, but by then, there were already many witnesses to what had happened who testified what they had seen in front of the police.

In addition, when they began the investigation, they found cameras from a school near the voting center. The young man is observed getting out of the trunk and entering the back seat of the vehicle.

The mother was arrested at the exact location. Still, she was released from prison after posting a $ 1,500 bond, according to official Harris court records. But today, he was officially charged, so he will have to agree with the prosecution or face a trial.

The Beam is a teacher at Cypress Falls High School, Cy-Fair Independent District. District school authorities have suspended her and transferred her to administrative duties for this incident. It has been confirmed that her son is indeed infected with COVID 19. Still, his health is good, and his physical integrity was not damaged during the incident in the trunk of his mother's vehicle.

It is the first time that Beam has received abuse-related charges regarding her son.