VERDICT is a public social network platform that connects news publishers, talented writers, subject professionals and other content providers directly with the thoughtful readers for unbiased peer feedback and honest opinions on breaking news, current events, political stands, business and technology developments, health related discussions, and other topics including debates on world changing ideas and dilemmas. 

Verdict brings everyone closer together by letting everyone constructively speak their mind and collectively come to conclusions based on the presented facts and ideas. 

Verdict reflects on the sociology belief that we are all deeply embedded into the structure of life that shapes us even on the most private and personal levels and that we are all supremely connected to one another to the extent that most public and personal problems are collectively owned by all. 

Verdict inspires this understanding and empowers this interconnectivity to look at all the successes and failures in the society and the world as collectively public achievements and challenges. 

Today we are all members of the large community shaping the world of tomorrow! 

Join VERDICT, what is yours today? 

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