Actress Charlotte Kirk Admits Relationship With Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Denies Being A MeToo Victim

Charlotte Kirk is talking in great detail about her relationship with Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara. She is not a MeToo victim and wants to tell her story.

source: Bloomberg

Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara is currently facing an investigation for allegations that he had offered special career benefits to actress Charlotte Kirk in exchange for a sexual relationship with her. 

The story came to light recently and has been a hot topic in the media, with many scrutinizing the situation and Tsujihara’s actual involvement.

However, Kirk has now come forward to say that while she did indeed have a sexual relationship with the boss of Warner Bros, she was not victimized in any way, and the whole thing was consensual.

She stated: "It was not casting-couch sex. Kevin might have thought I was on his casting couch, but my sense of self-worth is such that I thought I was just having sex with a man I fancied. Like any normal women, I kept on good terms and in touch afterwards."

She added: "Hollywood pivots on helpful friends. You can talk to someone differently after you have been intimate with them. There is a connection. You don’t say, “Get me a role,” but you expect openness and honesty when you have been lovers, and you expect them to be there for you as a friend. In my case, that meant him potentially directing me towards auditions, helping me get into the room."

This was a complete reversal of her previous claims -- the actress maintained a position that nothing had ever happened between the two and that any accusations against Tsujihara were unfounded. 

Now, she has decided to take on a different approach to her public statements, although it is not clear what exactly might have motivated her.

According to her, the situation was not exploitative in any way. She had merely taken a liking to the businessman and chose to have a relationship with him on her own accord.

However, she could provide no explanation against the allegations that her relationship with Tsujihara has been a major contributing factor to the success of her career.

The actress claims that there was no “casting couch” implication in the ordeal, although she admitted that she was not sure if Tsujihara saw things the same way on his end.

Tsujihara has already had to apologize to multiple people, including his employees and reportedly even his own wife.

Do you think Kirk is right or wrong for the way she has handled the situation?