Actress Natalie Portman States She Never Had A Relationship With Moby—It Was Created To Sell Books

source: The Times Of Israel

To say that actress Natalie Portman is more than a little creeped out these days would be an understatement.  The reason being that Moby claims that he and Portman dated when she was only 20 years old.

In his new memoir, Moby alleged to have had some sort of relationship with the actress which he states unfolded at Harvard, where Portman attend college.  Moby claims that he was 33 when the incident took place, and Portman was 20.  However, anyone who does the actual math will see that when Moby was 33, Portman would have only been a teenager.

When detailing their relationship, Moby says that Portman brought him to her dorm room at midnight, and together they laid down next to each other on her dorm room bed.  He goes on to say that after Portman fell asleep, he left her room and took a taxi back to his own hotel room.

Portman has gone on record stating that she is pretty much baffled by the musicians claims that they actually dated, and went on to say his statements were a little more than "disturbing."  Portman says her own recollection of the encounter was more of that of an older man being creepy with her when she had just graduated from high school.

Portman’s version of the non-relationship was that of a much older man being interested in her in a manner that she felt was very inappropriate.  She also went on to set the record straight that she was not 20 years old, but a teenager who had just turned 18.

In response to Portman's denial that she and Moby had dated, Moby stated he had more than enough photo evidence to the contrary.  He went on to say that he respected Portman's current regret that he had once dated him. However, her denial does not alter the fact that they did have a brief romantic history at one time.

Portman's only reply was that neither Moby nor his publisher reached out to her or even took that time in her opinion to check their facts.  She felt that Moby used the false story of their alleged involvement to help to boost his book sells.

Either way, you look at it, whether the story was as Moby said, or exaggerated and mostly made up as Portman claims, it is going a long way to aid in Moby's overall book sells.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Was the story stretched out of context as Portman claims?