Afghanistan Is Safer Than Chicago, Trump Says -- Does He Have a Point?

source: Pixabay

During his first official visit to Chicago on Monday, President Donald Trump, he called the Windy city more dangerous than Afghanistan.

President Trump was in town to attend the annual gathering of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. During his speech, Trump pointed out that the whole nation is embarrassed by Chicago's high crime rates.

On previous occasions, Trump has already railed against the city, even threatening to have the federal government intervene on the spot. Trump also called the city "a war zone" for his high murder rate, highlighting that there were 425 homicides so far in 2019.

This time, President Trump directly accused Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson, who snubbed his visit, of not doing his job correctly. In Trump's words, Chief Johnson was putting criminals before the safety of the locals. 

The President also claimed that many jailed migrants accused of violent crime are released with the knowledge of Chief Johnson. 

Furthermore, Trump also questioned the status of Chicago as a sanctuary city, saying that Johnson had declined more than 1,000 requests from immigration officers to detain immigrants in the area Cook County which belongs to Chicago.

The superintendent of Chicago Police boycotted Trump's appearance at the conference, citing not only his values but the values of Chicago as a city as the main reason. The local police union did not support Johnson and issued a vote of no confidence in him.

Trump went on saying that Johnson's support of Chicago's sanctuary status is a betrayal of his oath to serve the country and to protect the public and his other colleagues. President Trump concluded that Chicago police deserved a better leader that knows what he is doing and always backs his team members.

In response to President's accusations, Johnson pointed out that the local immigrant communities should trust not fear the police. Johnson also claimed that he had done more for the police than any president, including Trump.

Johnson also emphasized that he was exceptionally proud of the professionalism of his fellow officers and their dedication to the city. 

Despite the apparent differences with the President, Johnson expressed his willingness to work together with him as long as the potential partnership reflects the values of the Chicagoans.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with President Trump's statement that Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan?