After 11 crashes, the United States will investigate Tesla's assisted driving system.


Security officials have launched a preliminary investigation into Elon Musk's autopilot company. Some drivers often misuse it and are even caught drunk or in the back seat.

U.S. security officials have launched a preliminary investigation into Tesla's autopilot, which has led to the identification of 11 accidents involving the crash-driving system.

The investigation covers 765,000 vehicles, nearly everything Tesla has sold in the country since the model came out in 2014. Of the accidents identified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as part of the investigation, 17 people were injured, and one died.

A spokesman for the agency said the NHTSA was committed to ensuring the highest safety standards on the country's highways.

He added that according to the agency's safety mission, which is the most important and to better understand the causes of some Tesla accidents, the NHTSA is conducting a preliminary review of Tesla's autopilot system.

Tesla founder Elon Musk has championed the autopilot system, and the electric car maker has consistently warned that it needs active driver supervision.

But critics, including Congress, say the system could easily be fooled and called on the NHTSA to work.

A spokesman for the NHTSA said that in the incidents described by the NHTSA, various Tesla models were involved in accidents involving rescue vehicles, and some crashed directly against the primary response vehicles.

Three of the accidents occurred in California, and the rest took place in Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts, among other states. The NHTSA said that the investigation would focus on the brand's Y, X, S, and three models.

"A preliminary assessment kicks off the agency's fact-finding mission and allows additional data and information to be collected," the spokesperson stated. 

The NHTSA reminded the public that no commercially available motor vehicle is self-driving today.

Some Tesla drivers frequently misuse Autopilot and have even been caught driving drunk or in the back seat while a car was traveling on a highway.

Some advanced driving aids can improve safety by helping drivers avoid accidents and reduce the severity of accidents, but like all technologies and devices in motor vehicles, drivers also need to be able to handle them accurately and responsibly. It should be used.

The agency has sent investigative teams since June 2016 to analyze 31 accidents involving partially automated driver assistance systems. Such systems can keep a vehicle centered in its lane and safe from cars in front of it.

The news of the investigation caused Tesla shares to fall sharply, 5.1%, reaching $ 680.77 at mid-morning on Monday.