After Big Wins Against Thailand And Chile; USA Celebrating Goals At 2019 FIFA World Cup Still Has People Talking

The US female soccer team created drama with the way the players celebrated their goals against Thailand. Critics were still at it after their Chile game too.

source: Instagram

A recent women's soccer game between the US and Thailand ended in tears -- literally -- as the US talents crushed their competition with a 13:0 final score. 

The girls seemed to be happy about their success too, as they heavily celebrated each goal on the field. 

Meanwhile, reports claim that some members of Thailand's team were seen crying in the face of the significant defeat.

Many have now started to attack the US team, claiming that they went overboard with their celebrations, and elevated things to a level of taunting.

However, the girls have fired back, stating that it was their right to celebrate their successful strikes, and it was a completely normal part of the sport.

The players added that this kind of victory was something they had been dreaming of their whole lives, and they could not hide the fact that they were so excited over such an impressive game. 

At the same time, some online commenters have pointed out that the girls could still have toned things down and celebrated more calmly in order to avoid disturbing their opponents even further.

Some have speculated that the excessive taunting was just a tactic used by the US team on purpose, but this has not been corroborated by any sources so far and is merely a rumor. 

Still, some seem convinced that there might be more to it and have expressed their negative sentiments towards the US team for their behavior. All in all, it looks like sentiments are mostly split so far.

On Sunday, the US female soccer team beat Chile at the World Cup in France with a 3-0 score. This time, there was less drama about the victory. 

The celebration between Lindsey Horan and Carli Lloyd had a few reactions.

Here is what Lloyd said about the chatter: "I can't take credit for it. I'm not sure if Lindsey is taking credit for it. She had told me if we score, that's what we're going to do, so I just went along with it after I did my little celebration. But it was fun. I think it made a statement on the sideline there. It was cool."

The US team will take on Sweden on Thursday. Do you think the celebrations against Thailand were over the top, yes or no?