Alec Baldwin says he will join the ‘Rust’ shooting investigation

A warrant was issued for Baldwin's phone search last month ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !


Alec Baldwin said on Saturday there was no truth to any suggestion that he did not support the investigation into the shooting of a photographer on the "Rust" set in October.

Speaking in a video he posted on Instagram, Baldwin talked about his cell phone.

"Any suggestion that I do not comply with any requests or orders or demands or documents authorizing a search of my phone is false," said Baldwin, 63, in a video, recorded while sitting in the driver's seat. Do not say who, if any, made the submission.

Baldwin said the authorities did not have a telephone because they had to go through official channels to get it and that those channels are very complex in a state located in another state.

In Santa Fe County, New Mexico, the Sheriff's Department has issued a letter authorizing the phone on Dis. 16.

Santa Fe County Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies said in a statement Thursday that her office and the sheriff's office are working with Suffolk County, New York, the Sheriff's Office, and Baldwin's attorneys, to "obtain any information on Mr.

In a statement on Saturday, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department said it had received a request from Santa Fe officials asking for "help in finding Alec Baldwin's phone."

"The application has been forwarded to the Suffolk County Regional Attorney's Office to resolve the legal differences between NM and NY," the statement said.

Baldwin suggested in the video that authorities should be clear and "can not just pass through your phone and take, you know, your photos or love letters to your wife."

He later added, "As soon as we continue with this process, we will be in full swing."

Filmmaker Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed and director Joel Souza, 48, was injured in a "Rust" set when a Baldwin shotgun exploded.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News in early December, Baldwin said he had been working with Hutchins on how to properly place the camera when, after pulling out a hammer, he released it and the gun exploded.

Baldwin in an interview said he had been given an empty gun and said one question was where the live round came from.

"The best way, the only way, we can honor Halyna Hutchins' death is to find the truth," Baldwin said in an Instagram video. "That's what I'm working on, I emphasize, I want the organizations involved in this investigation to do their best, to the best of their ability, to find out what really happened. That's the only thing that matters."

Production of "Rust" closed indefinitely after the October 21 shooting.