Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Trolls And Donald Trump Supporters Who Call Her Dumb -- Are They Sexist?

Ocasio-Cortez thinks some trolls and Donald Trump fans who spend time calling her dumb online are just behaving in a sexist way and she has no time for them. 

source: Fickr

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be getting fed up with the negative assumptions some people have about her on a regular basis, and she has expressed her disappointment in a recent statement.

According to the politician, people questioning her intelligence were not interested in having an objective discussion about whether or not she was smart.

They were just trolls who would disapprove of anything she did, regardless of how good it was.

She went on to say that she could even win a Nobel Prize in Physics, and she would still be called dumb by certain parties interested in making her look like a fool.

The liberal star tweeted: "I could win a Nobel Prize in Physics & they'd still call me dumb. That's why I don't give a damn about misogynist takes on my intelligence."

Moreover, judging by the way the press has been attacking her lately, she might have a point about the situation.

Ocasio-Cortez also had some things to say about President Donald Trump, making fun of incidents around him from the past, and pointing out that people have been treating her unfairly compared to what Trump has had to deal with as a result of his comments.

The politician from New York wrote: "What, are you sad I don't speak as our President does, w top hits like 'Just grab 'em by the p—?' Or going on abt turbines & wind cancer?"

This was mostly provoked by a recent jab by Kurt Schlichter aimed at Ocasio-Cortez, in which the politician was mocked for the way she used memes.

One of AOC's followers stated: "Can hateful trump supporters please stop stalking AOC... It's already desperate enough that they hate on her while following her page smh."

It does not seem like Ocasio-Cortez is going to back down in the face of such comments; however, as she has been moving forward with full pride and has continued to develop her platform actively.

Hopefully, observers are going to see her focusing on the right issues instead of paying too much attention to trolls and other similar elements.

Do you think trolls are sexist when it comes to AOC, yes or no?