Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Superhero Comic Gets A Cease And Desist Letter -- Was It Good For Her Brand Of Politics?

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a superhero alter ego, unfortunately for the liberal politician, DC Comics shut it down in quick fashion.

source: Instagram

After a comic book company started publishing issues depicting politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez styled after Wonder Woman, many pointed out that this was a smart way for the Democratic Party star to promote herself and show that she is in touch with the people she is supposed to represent.

However, it looks like DC Comics are not all too happy about the situation, going as far as to issue a cease and desist letter to the comic book company, claiming that the comics they were publishing were a violation of their intellectual property.

Devil's Due Comics imprint Josh Blaylock explained: "Not only has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shown to be an inspirational figure. She's also taking on some pretty herculean goals and going up against major institutions — not unlike several comic-book heroes of the past."

The company has reportedly requested that all copies of the book already printed not be distributed in any way.

Reports indicate that 250 issues were already printed out and ready to go, but will now not see the light of day.

It was also noted that this only concerns copies that show AOC in that particular style.

All other issues of the book were reportedly fine and were cleared by DC Comics.

Alternatively, at least, the company has not responded to them in a similar fashion so far.

Whether this situation is going to backfire on DC Comics themselves in any way is hard to tell.

If it does, it would not be the first time a company has been targeted over something like this.

On the other hand, some have pointed out that even if DC had no issue with the comic books, they still had an obligation to stop them from being marketed or risk weakening their brand.

There have been similar incidents involving other companies in the past.

One commenter chimed in: "You guys are pathetic for this garage lol if you think you can brainwash a bunch of young adults with AOC socialist crazy ass you got another thing coming lol."

Another follower added: "Exceptional way to destroy your own company. Congratulations on having the dumbest comic in history. And that's saying something."

Do you think AOC benefits from headlines like these, yes or no?