Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Takes Jab At Donald Trump Over Recent Tax Returns Request -- Will Congress Get Them?

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is challenging President Donald Trump when it comes to his tax returns. POTUS is not ready to play ball.

source: FOX 10 Phoenix

President Donald Trump recently declined to provide his tax returns to Congress in response to a committee request for the same. 

House Ways and Means Committee Chair Rep. Richard Neal (D – Mass, wrote: "Under the Internal Revenue Manual, individual income tax returns of a President are subject to mandatory examination, but this practice is IRS policy and not codified in the Federal tax laws."

He continued with: "It is necessary for the committee to determine the scope of any such examination and whether it includes a review of underlying business activities required to be reported on the individual income tax return."

According to Trump, he would not provide his tax returns until his current audit was cleared up. 

It did not take long for mocking responses to start coming in, as many seemed unimpressed with what the president had to say regarding his tax returns.

One of those responses came from none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was quick to mock Trump over the situation. 

The New York congresswoman specifically mocked the fact that Trump’s response implied that he needed to be formally asked about his audit. 

From the perspective of Ocasio-Cortez, nobody is asking Trump whether he wants to release his return in the first place.

AOC responded to the president on Twitter by saying: "Congress: “We’re going to need a copy of the President’s tax returns from 2013-2018.” 45: “No, I’m ‘under audit.’ ” Congress: “We didn’t ask you.”

This is not the first time Trump’s tax returns have been brought up. 

The situation around the president’s finances was a hot topic before he was even officially elected to his post, and there was much speculation surrounding his assets. 

The president’s continued refusal to release his tax returns has only served to fuel that speculation and has made even more people curious to take a peek behind the scenes.

So far though, it does not seem like Trump has any intention to provide people with access to his tax returns.

The president has continued to insist that there is nothing wrong with his finances, but that he also has no obligation to reveal them to the public. 

There is much skepticism surrounding the exact state of his finances, however.

Do you think Trump is right or wrong for not releasing his tax returns?