All about secure email validation- What You Must Know

What To Know About Secure Email Validation And Why Is Secure Email Validation Important?


In today’s era, valid email addresses play a vital role in any business foundation to execute successful email marketing. An email address can be proved as a valuable asset to the company if applied accurately. For effective implementation, secure email validation is a needful phenomenon. To make it happen, ensure that your list of email addresses is fresh, error-free, and valid. Even a single misspelled letter leads to an invalid email address. Hence, it is prudent to use email validation to enhance the integrity of your company’s database. It’s time to delve deep into this concept to avoid email-based threats such as phishing, hard bounces, complainers, forged emails, and so on. 

  • What is Email Validation? And why should you verify emails? 

Email Validation is a technical process to verify the authenticity of an email, a valuable piece of data. This procedure helps to catch typos, which tend to be misspelled or purposeful misdirects. It also allows the user to validate if a specified email address belongs to a reliable domain such as Yahoo or Gmail. Therefore, email validation has been brought into the picture to organize and clean your email address list and escalate your business performance. 

  • How does Email Validation work? 

In a technology-driven world, email validation is the best solution to protect your database. Most Email Service Providers have come forth to maximize the efficiency of your business and keep your IP/domain reputation intact. There are various tools available in the market to accomplish Email Validation. For instance: EmailValidator, ValidateEmailAddress, and Pabbly Email Verification. 

To commence with, you need to upload a bulk list of your email addresses. Necessary quick checks are made to identify if the uploaded list has valid, risky, or invalid email addresses which demonstrate – 

  • Valid – It indicates that the email address is authentic and error-free. Thus, mail verification will successfully take place. 
  • Risky – In this stage, the email address belongs to a recipient. However, some other risk factors can cause emails to bounce.  
  • Invalid – An invalid email address contains DNS errors or mailbox errors, and syntax errors. 
  • How is Email Validation helpful? 

It is worth validating your list of email addresses before moving ahead with email marketing campaigns. These insights will reap the following benefits- 

  • It gives rise to delivery rates of up to 98% by reducing the various delivery-based problems.  
  • It allows you to improve your sender score and protect it for the long run.  
  • To save your time and resources, it will prevent you from sending emails to invalid users. 
  • Every business organization expects a profitable business. A higher conversation rate demonstrates higher opens and clicks.  
  • Different ways to implement Email Validation 

Let's find out how to make the Email Validation process successful ;

  • When a user is about to enter an email address, don't forget to insert the auto-complete feature to avoid misspellings and other typing mistakes. It results in minimizing the errors. 
  • Put any reliable third-party tool that can help you find out which email address is valid and which one is not. 
  • It would be a wise move to select double opt-in to validate email addresses. While signing up, send them an email to respond. Some users might not like this option but ensure a reliable data list. 
  • How do we help to verify emails? 

To safeguard your emails from severe damage, we follow the double scan method. During our first scan, unsafe emails like litigators, bots, traps, dormant accounts, spam traps, etc. are identified and eliminated. Further, in the second scanning stage, emails are processed in real-time Email Validation API. As a result, a proper response code is received in return to determine whether every email address is valid or not. Thus, both processes help in recognizing and removing all the email-based threats which result in achieving an efficient email program.  

  • Email Validation API 

Real-Time Email Validation API helps to process emails in a secured manner. Your prospects are ready to convert into customers using a secure email validation API. Clean your email lists, minimize the risk of mail bouncing, and don't allow a typo to ruin the opportunity to attain a worthwhile business deal. Connect with genuine investors with greater security.  


  • Real-Time API – Execute the Real-time API system to your websites, forms, and other business-related areas.  
  • Easy to Integrate – We have made it easy for developers with excellent documentation.  
  • Data Encryption and Security – Data remains safe and secure during every work stage with the help of PGP Encryption and Decryption. 
  • Typo checking and auto-suggestion – We take your time and money seriously. Email address, entered by the users, is cross-checked and suggest correct ones avoid any loophole.  
  • User-Friendly Application – It comes with 24/7 availability characteristics for the email address list verification process. 
  • Reduce Funnel Leaks – Process your emails with real-time API to validate and catch errors at the moment.  
  • Better Delivery Rates – With a valid list of email addresses, experience better delivery rates with less bounce rate.  


Nowadays, most companies want to reduce spam emails and provide emails with higher delivery rates as it can influence the company’s email reputation. To protect your marketing success, it is crucial to install an authentic email validation system for a better user experience. Email Service Providers like us make sure that emails are not delivered to incorrect addresses. We pin out the email addresses with the wrong syntax and do not proceed with the delivery process to protect your reputation at reasonable prices. 

We are available to help you understand if emails are from a free email service provider or a disposable email service. Newly registered emails and domains indicate fake clients or need to review. For quick execution and accurate results, feel free to contact us for all fraudulent email-related issues. Our main goal is to provide service with quality. With our email verifier system, connect with your prospects to establish your business as a brand.