Allegations of harassment, a hidden relationship with an employee, and ties to Epstein


Allegations of harassment, a hidden relationship with an employee, and ties to Epstein: the cocktail that could destroy the image of Bill Gates

For years he has maintained a reputation as a global and visionary philanthropist, recently engaged in the fight against COVID-19, but after his divorce from Melinda Gates, a series of accusations in various media and dark secrets kept for years hacked the profile of the creator of Microsoft.

The problem with showing a perfect life is that the fall seems much more precipitous when the illusion is broken. In the last decade, Bill Gates built an image as a global and visionary philanthropist. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has placed him at the center of the international scene as one of the most prominent and most committed experts on the subject. Also, from the hand of his now ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, he learned to appear like a kind nerd and became an admired reference of the rising geek culture: he even made a cameo in the popular series The Big Bang Theory.

But since two weeks ago, he confirmed his divorce after 27 years with the mother of his daughters Jennifer (25), Rory (21), and Phoebe (18); a series of complaints in prestigious media threaten to break that profile. For some, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft could even become a kind of Weinstein of technology, a witness case of the abuses of the powerful pointed out by #MeToo in an industry that has long been marked for its masculinity.

An extensive article in The New York Times published last Sunday assures from its very title that, although he has managed to keep it out, in some circles, Gates had already gotten a bad name for his "questionable behavior" long before their separation.

Accusations of harassment, an improper relationship with an employee, and his links with the missing financier, pedophile, and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, for which Melinda herself - who began her courtship with Gates when she was Product Manager at her company - had not hidden their concern, they are part of the cocktail that could destroy the reputation of the tycoon.