Amazon installed meditation booths for its employees.


It is a space for people to relax during the working day.

Amazon began installing small relaxation booths in warehouses so that employees when they're stressed, can take a break.

In these cubicles, called AmaZen, employees can watch short videos with easy-to-follow wellness activities, including guided meditations, positive affirmations, relaxing sound scenes, and more. As highlighted in a Vice article, there is a fan, the skylight at the top of the cabin is tinted blue, and a computer can be seen broadcasting the content mentioned above.

"With AmaZen, I wanted to create a space that was silent, that people could focus on their mental and emotional well-being," explains Leila Brown, who invented the stand, in a video. "ZenBooth is an interactive space where you can navigate through a library of mindfulness and mental health practices to recharge the internal battery ."

This Zen space is part of the working well program that Amazon announced on May 17 in a statement. As the company explains, this initiative is a combination of "physical and mental activities, wellness exercises and support for healthy eating" designed to help them recharge and revitalize themselves.

Within the framework of this initiative, employees also have wellness areas were stretching, and muscle recovery exercises can be performed. These areas also incorporate interactive videos and written information to help employees proactively improve their health and well-being.

Spaces are also created to talk and learn about these topics. In this sense, small groups of employees meet near workstations. They watch short, interactive videos created by health, safety, and injury prevention specialists. Topics change monthly and range from nutrition to care measures for job performance.

In turn, the company offers employees and families medical care within the vicinity of where they live and work. On the other hand, in the released statement, it is mentioned that employees receive hourly instructions at their workstations that guide them through a series of physical and mental activities that help them recharge their energy and revitalize themselves, ultimately, reduce the risk of injury.

These are activities designed to reduce muscle and mental fatigue and range from various stretching recommendations, breathing exercises, and mental reflections.