Amber Heard's give response to Johnny Depp's lawyer.


Amber Heard's response to Johnny Depp's lawyer.

Amber Heard replied to Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp's former lawyer, who criticized her on Twitter Thursday, March 25 (21). After learning that the actor could not appeal the judgment rendered in 2020 for defamation. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor filed a libel suit against The Sun newspaper, which called him "a man who beats women" in a 2018 article referring to accusations of violence made by his ex-wife, Amber Heard. After a three-week trial in July 2020, he lost the trial, Judge Nicol having ruled that the term was "substantially true."

Johnny Depp tried to challenge the verdict, but on Thursday (March 25, 21), the British court refused him leave to appeal, saying he had "no real chance of success."

After the news, Adam Waldman - who was previously on Johnny Depp's legal team - lashed out at Amber Heard, allegations of violence, and court verdicts on Twitter by sharing photos of the actress from Aquaman posing on a beach. "12/15/15 Allegation: 'I had bruised ribs. Bruises all over my body, bruises on my forearms trying to defend against the blows. I had two black eyes. I had it. broken nose. I had a broken lip ". Judge Nichols: UK Court of Appeal I believe her. "we believe it." But oops ... PHOTOSHOOT!, He wrote in the title of a photoshoot which took place after the accusations of the actress, when it looks that she is not harmed. 

Amber Heard responded by tweeting, "Yes, Mr. Waldman, I might use makeup on this event, but on any event, you will always be so small. 

When one user-approved of her scathing response, Amber Heard responded, "Tiny men say the greatest things. "

When one of Johnny Depp's supporters commented that he "would rather be small than a violent diamond chitter," Amber added, "It's good to be realistic with your goals. "

Adam Waldman was sidelined in October last year for sharing confidential information with the press.

After his lawsuit against The Sun, Johnny Depp is also suing Amber Heard for libel for posing as a domestic violence survivor in a Washington Post article.