América vs. Tigers: Is it any wonder that Santiago Solari prepared for his first game against Piojo Herrera.


The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, will witness the first confrontation between Tigres and Águilas in Miguel and the Argentine strategist.

Miguel "Piojo" Herrera's reunion with América will take place before the start of the season. As part of the preparation tour, Tigres and Azulcremas will hold a friendly duel where Santiago Solari will meet for the first time with the coach who made the Eagles champion. Both teams take the opportunity to evaluate their squads. However, the Argentine coach may be surprised by the casualties in his line-up.

Although he started the first two games of the tour and was the author of the only goal against Club Santos Laguna, Roger Martínez could be the first absent in Solari's eleven as reported by the reporter Juan Carlos Días Murrieta, the Colombian gunner trained separately this Friday, as he has not recovered from a blow he received in the match against the red and black Atlas.

Federico Viñas and Nicolás Benedetti are in the same situation. Both players have missed the preparation process because they have had to watch the matches from the stands due to muscle discomfort from work overload. In the case of the Uruguayan forward, he was expected to be in his first minute against Miguel Herrera's Tigers.

Still, he trained at the same pace as Martínez.

Not being able to count on an experienced attacking axis for the duel, there is the possibility that Nicolás Castillo will occupy the position of center forward. Although it has been revealed that Chile was not considered by Solari, he has played as a substitute in the last two games, which lasted a year and a half after his absence. If confirmed, he could be joined in the recent match by Starter Youth Squad Luis Gutiérrez.

The three players would be the only absences due to injury since Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sánchez, Sebastián Córdova, and Henry Martin 

are already in Tokyo to play the soccer tournament at the Olympic Games. 

That way, they can join when the regular tournament starts.

On the other hand, the key locations of Miguel "Piojo" Herrera will not be able to trust the full establishment.

It is worth mentioning that André Pierre Gignac and Florian Thauvin are also concentrated on the Olympic Games. The French team considered them as reinforcements over the age limit. They will face Mexico in their debut in the soccer tournament.

On the other hand, he will also have to deal with the absence of Carlos Salcedo and Luis Rodríguez, footballers who Gerardo Martino considered for the 2021 Gold Cup. With this, there will only be four players who will be made available to Piojo after the start of the tournament, when they have finished their participation in the summer tournaments. 

On the other hand, it will have Juan Pablo Vigón, who has just joined, although it will not be a few minutes in the beginning because he wants to test other players.

On facing the Eagles again, although, for the first time on the side of the Tigres, he accepted that "there are always mixed feelings because it is an institution to which I owe many things. It made me grow a lot; I achieved very important achievements in this institution, but I repeat, one is a professional, and since I embraced the profession of being a technician, my heart is for my daughters and now my grandson, my mother, and my wife".

Meanwhile, he disagreed with the arrival of Solari to Coapa, as he assured that "they do not give the Mexican technicians an opportunity, but if they come to do things well and show work, welcome," he said.

The two coaches will meet for the first time on Saturday, July 10, 2021, at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, in a game that will increase the rivalry between the capital and university students.