American Airlines Gets Slammed For Denying Mother Of The Bride Bachelorette Trip -- Was The Woman Really Drunk?

American Airlines refused to let a mother of the bride board a flight because she looked drunk. The other side claims the mom was not drunk.

American Airlines Gets Slammed For Denying Mother Of The Bride Bachelorette Trip -- Was The Woman Really Drunk?539
source: Fox News

A bride, her mother, and several of her bridesmaids were kicked out of American Airlines flight on their way to a bachelorette party because one of them was accused of being drunk, but the ladies denied the allegations.

This week, of a group of ladies, who spent a fortune, were getting ready for a fun-filled trip in Cabo San Lucas in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur when drama occurred.

The women, who are originally from Sacramento, California, arrived in Phoenix, Arizona and tried to board their connecting flight to Cabo San Lucas when an employee confronted them.

Amber Granlund, a bridesmaid, explained to the American Airlines staff member that the mother of the bride was not intoxicated.

 Talking to local media, Granlund stated that the bride’s mother was just nervous about traveling.

She added: “She’s in her 50s, almost 60s. There could have been something else going on.”

Granlund went on to say that the mother of the bride had consumed one or two alcoholic beverages before taking the plane but was not intoxicated. Granlund shared: “It wasn’t drunken behavior.”  

In a video that captured the incident, Granlund could be seen trying to convince the airline employee, but in vain.

 The worker can be heard saying in the video: “She is not traveling, OK? She is too intoxicated. You need to calm down.” The employee added: “If I have to call the police, I will do so.”

Granlund told the local news: “They had already called the cops at that point. About eight of them showed up.”

American Airlines defended its decision to boot the group of the flight in a statement that read: “They posed a safety risk to crew members and other passengers. These passengers were subsequently denied travel on this flight.”

Granlund said after they invested a combined total of $30,000  for the trip, they were forced to sleep on the airport's the floor.

 The disaster also set the group back about $16,000 and caused a great deal of distress, according to Granlund. She said the company promised to resolve the matter but has yet to do so.

Granlund said they are not focused on the money that was wasted, but they are upset about the way they were treated.

Do you agree or disagree that the group was treated poorly?