American Hostage Danny Burch Finally Freed And Reunited With Family—Trump Tweets News Himself

An American citizen is reunited with his family after being held hostage in Yemen for over a year.

source: Washington Post

Breaking news out of Washington DC on Monday reported that an American hostage held in Yemen for over a year has finally been freed and returned to US soil.  Trump announced the excellent news in a tweet, stating: “It is my honor to announce that Danny Burch, a United States citizen who has been held hostage in Yemen for 18 months, has been recovered and reunited with his wife and children.”

Although no details of what the actual events were that lead up to the recovery have been given, Trump did express his personal gratitude for the “support” that was received by the United Arab Emirates in aiding in the release and subsequent freedom of Burch.  

Trump stated that Burch's release is a testimony to what the United States and its partners are able to achieve when they choose to work together for the better good. 

It was in 2017 that the first reports that Burch, an American engineer employed at a Yemeni oil company, had been forcibly abducted from his car in Sana by gunmen.  His wife, Nadia Forsa, spoke with the New York Time in 2017 about the abducted, stating: "They did it in broad daylight in front of everyone."

Trump went on to say that each and every day, his team works to bring American citizens back home, to US soil, and that most vital work is dependent on the cooperation and coordination of various levels of government as well as working with our foreign partners.  

Trump has stated many times, that the recovering of American hostages, and US Citizens is, and will continue to be, considered a priority in his administration.  Since Trump took office, his administration has successfully brought a total of 20 American captives back home to the United States.

The president's tweet announcing that Burch had indeed been recovered and reunited with his family came as he was aboard Air Force One.  Trump is on his way to Vietnam, to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN for a summit. 

 In previous comments, Trump has expressed the fact that he feels the Summit will be a productive one, but also maintains that for any advances to be made, both sides are going to have to concede on specific areas.

Trump's final comment on the announcement today was: "we will not rest as we continue our work to bring the remaining American hostages back home!"

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is the return of Danny Burch an indication of more hostages returning home soon?