America's Marriage Coach Dr Jacquie Comments on Relevant Marriage Trends

Also Launched a Non-Profit Called Recapturing the Vision Aimed at Children and Education

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Certified pre and post marital coach Jacqueline Del Rosario or Dr. Jacquie, America’s Marriage Coach uses practical solutions to relatable societal issues stemming from people’s individual homes. With 25 years of experience, Jacquie has regenerated couples with her philosophy of the seven pillars of compatibility as well as conferences and intensive training, providing skill-based learning that shifts relationship trajectories.

Dr. Jacquie has dynamic topics for singles, married couples, professional associations, universities, and churches from personal empowerment, entrepreneurship, education, to program development and ecclesiastical teaching including:

-Dating time wasters: how to change the lens of a relationship and know when to pull out- Realizing what the relationship has given you, but also taken away from you to know when to walk away

-How to navigate tough relationships, find your tribe and mentor, without dismissing relationships of people that are close to you

-4 Ways to tell if he’s the best or just a beast: What is our role in the relationship demise and closure tips?

-7 rules to follow when banking on financial alignment for a happy marriage and why arguments are healthy for relationship evolution

-Difference between a marriage mate and a soul mate and why it’s ok to differ in temperament but not in core values

As the founder of ReCapturing the Vision (RTV), a globally recognized nonprofit dedicated to breaking generational cycles for handicap low-income children and families, Jacquie has designed programs affecting youth and families and authored 12-curricula utilized in schools around the country, receiving over $20 million in state and federal funding.

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Dr. Jacquie has been featured on Fox, KTLA, CNN, GWN, Hallmark ABC and NBC affiliates, TV One, Bravo, Huffington Post, Bloomberg Newsweek and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Jacquie’s uncanny way of hearing what you didn't say and seeing what’s obscure has helped her build a solid practice working with couples and singles across the country.

Dr. Jacquie has been invited to the White House twice and collaborated on public policy. She shaped national standards for teen pregnancy prevention programs as a participant on The White House National Advisory Panel. She has lobbied on the Hill and presented at a host of national conferences. 

As an educator, author, advocate, counselor and visionary, Dr. Jacquie holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master’s and Doctorate in Education, with an emphasis on conflict resolution and curriculum development. She continues to light a path towards an enriched life and resides in Miami, FL with her husband of over 25 years and two sons.