Аmeriса's Glоbаl Imаge is sky high in the оffiсe sаid, соmраred with Trumр's роll finds

A median of 75% of the respondents from 12 countries, expressed confidence in Biden, versus 17 percent for Trump in 2020.

source: https://ibb.co/dPjmk1L

The u.s. position in the international arena seem to have recovered significantly since the ex-President Donald Trump has left office as President, Joe Biden, was the commander-in-chief, according to the Pew Research Center survey released Wednesday.

Because Biden is in Europe, where he is trying to repair relations with the united states ' allies, the study showed that some of the countries in the region, the love, the current president of the republic, more than in the past. Most of the time, on average, 75 per cent of the respondents in 12 countries, expressed confidence in Biden, up from 17 per cent in the last year, when Trump was the chairman of the board.

In the united kingdom, for example, 64% of respondents saying they view US favorably, compared with 41 percent of Trump's.

A similar improvement in favorability, 25% of the score, or more, was found in France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

16,254 people in 16 countries across north America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, between March and May, more than 60% in each of the countries, saying that they were of the opinion that Biden was "the right thing to do in the world."

Biden came in on Wednesday in the united kingdom, in conjunction with a meeting of the leaders of the world who would like to select a letter, in his first foreign visit, as president, said: "the United States of america is back."

The alliances were built, not by force, and there were no threats found. They are based on democratic ideals, and, in general, is a vision of the future, every vote counts," Biden said at the opening, in the united kingdom.

The majority of respondents in every country, it gave Biden a positive feedback. In general, according to the Pew, with a median of 74% are convinced that a Biden "to do the right thing in the world."

Please note that this survey was carried out in 12 to 16 countries, depending on the problem. These are: Australia, austria, Belgium, britain, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, philippines, Singapore, south Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Studies have shown that the 16-nation, but many people continue to see the united states as a "somewhat reliable partner". "As many as 20% of the country, the united states remains a "reliable partner."Reliability is the biggest in the Netherlands, where over 80% of respondents saying that the united states is no, and the high level of confidence. Seventy-five per cent, in Australia and in Japan, he said that the united states is something that is more reliable. However, 44 per cent of the manga, and 43 per cent in Greece, with the very or not at all reliable, the survey showed.