Amid Fight With Nancy Pelosi, More Donald Trump Supporters Are Fainting At His Rallies -- Is It All Staged For Media Buz

President Donald Trump has been busy trading attacks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, his supporters seem to love him even more than before. Is it true?

Amid Fight With Nancy Pelosi, More Donald Trump Supporters Are Fainting At His Rallies -- Is It All Staged For Media Buz793
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While it is no secret that President Donald Trump still has his fair share of supporters and not everyone has turned their backs on him, it looks like certain people’s attachment to the former reality TV star might be a bit too strong for their own good.

Recent reports indicate that Mr.  Trump was repeatedly interrupted during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania … by people fainting.

A video shows the Republican politician asking for a doctor after yet another person had fainted in front of him.

According to reports, this happened multiple times, enough to seriously impede Trump’s ability to deliver his speech.

The president was interrupted continuously and could not concentrate properly, which eventually forced him to change his tactics.

According to Trump, the bright lights used during the event were the main culprit.

There has also been speculation that the constant fainting might have been a coordinated attempt to sabotage or promote his campaign speech, although those are just minor rumors at this point.

Trump himself seemed genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the affected people at first, although his tone changed to a more nonchalant one as the incidents started to increase in frequency.

At some point, he said, “get the same doctor” in response to yet another person falling in front of him.

The incident quickly gained attention all over the Internet, with many people jokingly commenting that Trump has some serious powers over his followers.

Others were more concerned with the way the event was organized and the possibility that there was indeed something incorrectly set up.

In related Trump news, he is busy fighting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over temperament, trade and infrastructure policies.

A critic stated: "Trump will have to pay out billions and billions of US taxpayer $$$ in subsidies to American farmers and ranchers because of the trade war he started with China. Enjoy 🇺🇸."

A supporter had something else in mind: "Thank you, Trump! However, why haven’t you acknowledge or taken action on the marijuana overdose crisis epidemic that is currently happening in our country? 300 million people have already died, and my cousin overdosed on it and died by a lethal injection of marijuana! Please, Mr.President ban marijuana before more people die!"

Do you think some of the incidents at the rally were staged, yes or no?