Amy Klobuchar Does Her Best Jeb Bush Impression And Asks CNN Town Hall Audience To 'Please Clap' In Viral Video 

Amy Klobuchar had a Jeb Bush moment, also known as please clap, at a CNN town hall on Monday. The Democratic candidate for president thinks she can beat Trump.

source: Instagram

It looks like Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is running for president in the Democratic primary,  did not quite manage to read the audience’s cues at a recent CNN town hall event, as she exclaimed that those watching were supposed to be cheering, instead of remaining awkwardly silent. 

The comment that was supposed to draw cheers was when Klobuchar pointed out that she has managed to win every congressional district in her state. At that point, she said, “that’s when you guys are supposed to cheer, ok?”

The moderate politician said: "And every single time I have won, I have won every single congressional district in my state — including Michele Bachmann’s, OK. That’s when you guys are supposed to cheer, OK?"

She added: "And I didn’t do that by selling out of my principles, I did that by going not just where it’s comfortable, but where it’s uncomfortable. I did that by meeting people where they were. By going to farms, by going to small-town cafes, by bringing the right way."

It, of course, did not take long for the comment to start making the rounds online, with many people mocking Klobuchar and drawing comparisons to another political blunder -- when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush asked an audience to “please clap” in 2016.

However, it does not look like Klobuchar’s gaffe is going to overtake the previous one in popularity, as the mocking comments have mostly started to die down at this point.

Some have pointed out that Klobuchar should take it easy on her self-promotion, and that the politician should take a long, hard look at her accomplishments and be more realistic with herself in this regard.  

On the other hand, others have commended her for being so dedicated to her work and continuing to win different areas.

Klobuchar has managed to make a good impression on several people so far, but she could probably use some more guidance in her public appearances. 

One supporter said: "You did a great job last night! Sensible, down to earth, intelligent, classy!"

Another one added: "I clapped!! And was impressed by your ideas."

However, one critic argued: "I thought you promised to represent us as our senator, but instead you're running a #resist campaign, how disappointing."

The age of the Internet has changed the climate quite a lot, and politicians can easily see their entire careers destroyed with one simple blunder.

Do you think Klobuchar can still win, yes or no?