Amy Klobuchar Explains Why She Had To Eat Salad With A Comb On An Airplane -- Is This The End Of The Viral Story?

Amy Klobuchar is determined to put the best spin possible on a very negative story that has been plaguing her presidential campaign. Is she just a tough boss?

Amy Klobuchar Explains Why She Had To Eat Salad With A Comb On An Airplane -- Is This The End Of The Viral Story?498
source: TechSpot

Minnesota Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar has decided to shake up the current political environment with an anecdote about eating salad with a comb on an airplane, attempting to chalk it down to a “mom thing.”

Klobuchar is trying to diffuse a negative story with a bit of humor. This move comes weeks after media outlets started reporting on it.

The story quickly took over the Internet and drew comments from various sides, as it appears that many found the incident more controversial than Klobuchar initially expected.

The context of the story was a report claiming that Klobuchar had talked down to one of her aides after they forgot to bring her a fork with the menu.

She then allegedly proceeded to eat the salad with her comb. Klobuchar explained that she was “sort of doing a mom thing,” and was displeased by the story that portrayed her in a negative light.

During an appearance Saturday SXSW, the popular politician explained: "No one feels good when they read a story like that. It was me sort of doing a mom thing; I didn't have a fork, so I used a comb to eat salad on a plane."

She also insisted on clarifying reports that she was a bullying boss, explaining that she merely had high expectations towards her employees and this could sometimes be taken the wrong way.

She did seem aware of the fact that she was a bit too strict at times, but she countered that by stating that she valued the people who worked under her, and saw them as incredible.

The 2020 election added: "Like I have said I have high expectations for myself. I have expectations for the people that work for me. I know I can be tough on people – sometimes too tough. But I also know I have incredible people that work for me."

Klobuchar has taken a lot of flak over the fork incident, and it is good to see that she is finally addressing it in a more serious manner.

Hopefully, the story is not going to blow back in her face; however, as it would not be the first time a politician’s attempted explanation has made the situation even worse for them.

Do you agree or disagree with Klobuchar's defense for being a tough boss?